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Oct 8, 2007 01:38 PM

Rice on Lex and 28th: Disappointing Lunch

Based on a number of chowhound posts, my wife and I tried the pan-asian restaurant Rice last weekend. Ordered two small chicken tamale appetizers, one bottled water, vegetarian meatballs and an order of tofu coconut curry. The tamales were the only positive component of this meal. Although they were somewhat dry, the accompanying sauce was delicious. I really expected the veg meatballs to be unusual. Nope. Basically fried tofu balls in a huge portion of rice. The curry was bland. We ate little of the two entrees and paid the $42 bill (including tax and tip) with some resentment.

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  1. How unfortunate! I used to work nearby and had lunch at that Rice location about once a week - and I usually got the tofu coconut curry or the vegetarian meatballs. While the food isn't amazing, I always found it to be tasty and satisfying. Maybe they were just having an off day?

    1. We've been to Rice only once, shortly after they opened a few years ago. The food was quite tasty, especially the spicey chicken wings. However, as time went on, I began to hear more and more downhill reports. Obviously, your experience is in line with those.

      1. I agree with RGR- the wings are awesome and the veggie meatballs are good when they are fresh. The biggest problem with Rice is inconsistency. Sometimes you'll have a great showing- sometimes it will be crap.