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Oct 8, 2007 12:35 PM

Sin Fronteras-Baltimore

The new Colombian place is now open. I had a chance to go there today for lunch.

I think they said they opened Friday or Saturday so I went in knowing what being open only 3 days can mean.

My wife and mother-in-law are Colombian so they were excited, hoping to find a good place that offers a taste of home.

I like the look of the place. Lots of natural light, white walls, hardwood floors and minimal ornamentation. Bright, clean and no clutter. New paint. Is that so hard?

I sat back while my wife told the waitress basically to bring it on (I guess we did a Colombian version of omakase) She and her mother picked some specific things, then let them pick the rest. They were out of the empanadas and a few other items, and warned us they were not running at full speed. No worries.

Colombian food is very meat and potatoes and not super spiced (not bland at all, just not taste bud numbing)

Everything was really good. Whole deep fried fish with some plantains. Steak with sausage, arepas, beans and fried eggs. Ropes of beef with a mild green sauce and yucca.

The best was a platter for two. It had potatoes, yucca, plantains, sausage and really good chunks of deep fried pork.

My family had some traditional fruit drinks to go with their meals that were nice (passion fruit was one and another was a sweet milky corn drink)

Most of the other patrons were Colombians that had heard the place was opened and were as excited as my family. I get the feeling this may become a destination place for those looking for the comfort food they miss.

They put some thought into the menu. Colombian dishes are listed up front, then a section of some Tex-Mex offerings and then a small list of sammies at the end.

They also have a selection of pantry items from Colombia for sale as well.

Staff was nice and attentive.

It is on the South East corner if Conkling and Fleet.

Nice addition to Baltimore.

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  1. Will definately check it out!

    1. Many thanks for this review! I look forward to checking it out, especially when they have empanadas!

      1. Tugboat - great review. Do they carry sobrebarriga and chuletas? Was the big dish for 2 you mentioned, the bandeja paisa?

        As far as pantry items, what did you see. My girlfriend just ran out of her supply of nucitas and choclitos and would be nice to surprise her with them

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        1. re: cleveland park

          We had the sobrebarriga, chuletas and the bandeja paisa. The shared dish was something else, we forget the name.

          I will check with my wife and see if she can remember what pantry stuff they had.

          The place is closed on Wednesdays, but open Sunday until 9:00 PM.

          Owned and run by 2 Colombians and a spouse that is from Argentina.

        2. I finally got the chance to go to the Colombian restaurant. It is called 'Sin Fronteras Restaurant' and it's located at 601 S. Conkling St., Baltimore, MD 21224. I'm not really sure about the hours, but you can always call them, their phone number is (410) 732-0123.
          Anyway, I thought their food was pretty good; my boyfriend got the Bandeja Paisa and I got the Sobrebarriga. They were both really good, although, I think I liked the Bandeja Paisa better. To whoever is going to try it, I hope you guys like it and have a good experience!!! :0)

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          1. re: ruthie343

            I just called..the number is disconnected. Is the place closed now?