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Oct 8, 2007 12:17 PM

Dim Sum in Jacksonville ( yes, really!!!)

Silver Star Chinese Restaurant
5304 Blanding Blvd

The restaurant has been there for couple decades but they just started serving dim sum this past Sat.

Dim Sum served ALL DAY on Sat (11:30-10pm), Sun (11:30-9pm), Mon-Tue (11am-9pm)

Current menu is about 24 item and they're adding more along the way. And it's only $2.95 each dish, surprised the heck out of us. Let them know you're there for dim sum since it's on it's own menu.

Everything was made fresh by a single dim sum chef and was honestly quite impressed with the quality. Their portions are generous for the price, your standard dim sum dishes (haw gow, shu mai) comes in 4 pieces not 3. Only a select few items aren't perfect but probably can be improved with enough feed back from customers. Overall this is a surprise find in JAX.

Hope they'll be doing dim sum forever, tired of driving hours to eat that. :)

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  1. Wow. Unbelievable. Of all the places for dim sum to appear - Silver Star. I'll be there no later than next Tuesday to check this out. Thanks so much for the tip.

    Dim Sum. On the Westside. Imagine.

    1. is there any other dim sum place in town?

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      1. re: travelingfood

        I haven't found one. Thanks for posting this. I'm planning to go this weekend.

        1. Three of us hit Silver Star last (Monday) night, and had some good dum sum. Note to old-time Westsiders - they have moved to the north end of the same strip mall they've been in for years on Blanding. The place was a supper club, now it's Silver Star - more room, and much more room in the kitchen, I think. Shrimp dumplings, golden bacon roll, watercress roll, etc., were quite good. BBQ Pork bun, not so much - but hey, you're on Blanding eating dim sum and drinking beer with friends and shmoozing with the owner about the merits of Chinese beers... Not bad.

          The owner said he's been running this for a couple of weeks and wants to emphasize he's got "real Hong Kong style" dim sum. haven't been to Hong Kong, but this is more than just acceptable. Accoding to him, most of his dum sum clientele is Asian, and it get a little crowded, loud, and crazy on Friday and Saturdays. The days & times listed above are dead on. I'll be back soon, and for lunch as well. It's really there - service was efficient and friendly.

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          1. re: mezzrow

            glad you enjoyed it mezzrow.
            Yeh I kept their card and dim sum menu to share with people. The owners and chef are from Hong Kong but they've done real dim sum restaurants in other states before.
            I just had their bbq pork bun and yes it can't compared to major dim sum restaurants, but I had worse...I give this one a 8/10. personally prefer the red kind of bbq pork in the bun.
            Phoenix Claw was right on though, it's strange for Westerners but give it a try.
            Ate everything they had to offer to date, honestly haven't had anything I wouldn't want to eat again. Am I hyping this up? Not in any negative way, it's just my sincere opinions. It's really a big deal for someone that was deprived of good dim sum goodness.

            Hope more people on this board will give it a try and give feed backs.

            1. re: travelingfood

              I'm assuming from the replies that dim sum is orfered from a menu, that they do not have carts here. We just moved here from San Francisco where we are use to wonderful dim sum at a number of venues. So, look forward to giving this a try. Will miss the carts however, they are so much a part of a great dim sum restaurant.

              1. re: rtmonty

                welcome to JAX.
                That's right they have no carts (not a dedicated dim sum restaurant to start space for carts) However It's somewhat good that you're getting it freshly made straight from the kitchen, not something that's been sitting in the cart for a while going round and around.

                But yeh...cart adds that traditional dim sum experience. Sit next to the kitchen so you can get first dibs lol.

                Couple bigger dim sum place in Tampa and Atlanta have carts though.

          2. This is sooo exciting, now we can get our Dim Sum fix between trips to Orlando. We havent been to Silver Star in ages, I remember they had very good duck, but the place was a little dirty... not worth the trip over the river but now maybe so.

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              I know what you mean, and I'm only about 10 - 15 minutes away. We hadn't been there in a few years. Things seem much better in the newer, roomier location on that score. I encourage the trip.

            2. As everyone said here, I would highly recommend "Silver Star" because we just went there to celebrate our engagement ^_^ I was born and came from Hong Kong moved to Jax for just about two years. I almost tried most of dim-sum places in Hong Kong. So, I can tell you if 10 is the best then Silver Star gets 8. Oh yea, because I think dim sum in Toronto and Vancouver are almost 10 - most the dim sum chef migrated there in 90's. Back to Silver Star here, they serve about 20 dim sum in their menu. We tried char siu bau (6 points - this one was not as good as we thought - not juicy enough), we tried har gow (8 point) and siu mar (not Hong Kong style but taste ok - 7 points), we also tried deep-fried wo-gok (taro ball/ dumpling-9 points), shrimp cheung fun (rice noddle roll-8.5), char siu cheung fun (6 points),mini lo-mai-gai (8.5 points - sticky rice with meat & chinese sauage -wrapped in lotus leaves), sin-joke-guen (8.5 points). If they could use fresh shrimp, cheung fun and har gow would be 10. Since we don't eat chicken feet, stripes (my boyfriend is American), I don't know if they taste good or not. I was surprised they don't have egg custard tart (i love it so much) and law-bok-go (carrot cake) because now is Lunar New Year! The dim sum their overall is GOOD - should go try it!

              BTW, We went to HK Bistro once, har-gow and siu mai were not as good as Silver Star or we expected (the chef came from HK too) but their pan-fried law-bok-go and deep-fried dumplings (gow-chez) were good. Their congee was good too. I would give them 7 points.