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Oct 8, 2007 12:12 PM

searched but can't find it. How much is the 9 course tasting menu at Providence?

with wine pairing of course. I believe they also have an 11 course menu. Is that just way too much food for the average person?

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  1. 9-course is $105/150 with wine pairing.

    Chef's tasting (12+ courses) is $150/235 with wine pairing.

    Both are a lot of food, but the Chef's tasting is not necessarily more food than the 9-course. The portions are smaller so you can try lots of different tastes. The courses are generally light so an average person with an average appetite will be full but not stuffed to the gills.

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    1. There is a 5 course, a 9 course, and the Chef's Menu (which can vary in courses).

      From the website:
      5 Courses: 80/110 with wine pairings
      full tasting 105/150 with wine pairing
      Chef's menu 150/235 with wine pairing

      All are exclusive of tax, beverages and gratutity.

      the dishes are small, so even the chef's is doable by a person. You will be full, but not crammed.

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      1. re: Diana

        I just did the 5 course tasting menu at Foundry and was absolutely stuffed. Now I know Providence is a much higher caliber restaurant, but in terms of portions, any idea how they compare?

        1. re: TailbackU

          a few bites a plate, but a lot of bites and good flavors

          1. re: Diana

            what were your favorite dishes during your dinner at providence?

            1. re: wilafur

              Pork Belly and Uni, and Salt Crusted Santa Barbara spot prawn. Who knows if they're still on the menu?

              1. re: Diana

                ooh, the pork belly and uni sound fantastic. interesting combo though.

                1. re: wilafur

                  no, not together. separate dishes!

              2. re: wilafur

                My fave there was the sweetbreads with chanterelles, black truffle slivers & braised artichokes and sweet peas.


        2. The server told us that even the 9 course had smaller portions than the 5 course - but it was a lot of food in my opinion. When we got two veal medallions each, I couldn't finish them, thought should have been one.

          1. Be careful. Regardless of which TM you decide on, Providence has a tendency to quick or slow serve you depending on when that particular course is being cooked in the kitchen. We started off at a nice leisurely pace on our 9 course only to be served back to back courses when the kitchen tried to catch us up with the 5 course being served to the table next to us. It created disaster with the wine pairings too; not enough time to savor the first when the next glass is poured so fast.

            Hatfields on the other hand has their service down pat. TM's were served all over the place and each table at its own pace.

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            1. re: eder

              Wow, that pace thing never happened to us, and we've done the tasting menu three times...and pretty much on any given night MOST of the tables at Providence are doing tasting menus.

              Wonder why that happened to you!