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Oct 8, 2007 12:07 PM

flavored coffees

many times we make our own
like grinding up a pc of vanilla bean in the coffee
or add a shot of annesette(sp) to the pot
cocoa to the grinds etc
anyone do the same and have any ideas for more flavors

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  1. my daughter puts cinnamon in the grounds before brewing. You could add ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon for a holiday blend.

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    1. re: MeffaBabe

      i have done the cinnamon thing
      but you holiday blend idea is fantastic thanks

    2. I've tried using cardamom pods in with the grounds...proves interesting but I've discovered that I really love my coffee without other flavors.

      1. I am generally not fond of flavored coffees but try them from time to time. A local supermarket chain, HEB, offers flavored coffees under it's Cafe Ole brand. The one for San Antonio includes cinnamon and chocolate as I recall. I can't remember what the Hill Country and Austin blends contain but the Houston blend includes coconut. How they came up with coconut for Houston I'll never know. The coffee itself isn't bad but the best thing is the way it makes the house smell when you brew it. The beans are very oily and cleaning the grinder after grinding them takes extra time.

        Another one I came across a few years ago was Southern Texas Pecan from Duncan Coffee Co., a local brand, that I kind of liked. Several local roasters now offer it but I've never found any with a decent enough coffee as the base.

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        1. re: brucesw

          Green Moutnain Coffee Company has organic flavors like Rain Forest Crunch, Southern Pecan, Irish Creme etc...order on net

        2. I love hazelnut coffee! I havent brewed my own, but I would definitely try that out if I were to.

          1. Pumpkin pie spice is great in the fall
            Grind up some peppermints in the winter

            not coffee but try hot chocolate with coconut rum!!! ooooeeee