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Oct 8, 2007 11:53 AM

Vegas Buffet - Wynn or Bellagio?

When we go to Vegas in February I'd like to splurge on a buffet meal either at the Wynn or at Bellagio. Which do you recommend? If you've eaten at both I'd love to hear your reviews. Which is better for brunch and which is better for lunch or dinner?

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  1. I didn't do the Wynn, but in my opinon, The Bellagio was horrible. In fact it was so bad, we originally planned on doing the Wynn the following day, but were so soured by The Bellagio experience, we decided against it. All of the fish was overcooked, the veal osso bucco was tough, I've had better sushi at a chinese buffet, and the service was non-existant. We were never even asked if we wanted a drink refill and no one cleared the dirty plates. This was at 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon, so there is really no excuse for it. The only saving grace was dessert. The creme brulee was very good as was a dark chocolate hazelnut cake, but it certainly wasn't $30 worth of good. From that meal on, we were strictly sit down dinners.

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      Mirage Buffet has always hit the spot for me. I believe it's called "Cravings" or something equally as cringe-inducing. The food and freshness therof, is excellent.

    2. I have eaten at both on my last trip @ Vegas in August (you can get a little more about that on my blog) and prefer the Wynn much more -- the food was comparatively not as heavy and generally fresher. The Bellagio is good too, but considerably heavier fare and looks and tastes like they've been on the steam racks or under the hot lamps a little too long (and the omelet guy messed up my order considerably).

      However, I will also disclose that at the Wynn buffet I had breakfast when they first opened at 7am, whereas at the Bellagio I ate my brunch towards the end of the mealtime at almost 2pm, after three hours worth of diners had their way with the spread.


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        Wynn over Bellagio. I have only been there (both places) for lunch not dinner. I agree that the items at the Wynn are generally fresher looking and don't look like they've been sitting there forever. The service at the Bellagio gets worse with each visit.

      2. I've eaten at both for brunch (I don't buffet dinner or lunch), and felt them comparable. Enjoy.

        1. I'm not excited about either, although Wynn and Bellagio are probably the best of the bunch. For dinner, I enjoyed Bellagio just a bit more. Bellagio had a few very good choices (e.g., Beef Wellington, African Bluenose), while Wynn had a larger variety but nothing that I could get excited about. For lunch, Wynn gets the nod. Bellagio's lunch selection seemed a lot like their dinner selection but with the best dishes removed, whereas Wynn's lunch quality was pretty much on a par with its dinner menu.

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            The only buffets worth going to are so expensive now that you could pay a little more and eat at some of Vegas' best restaurants.

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              I've done both for breakfast and prefer Wynn hand's down over Bellagio.

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                Or even a little less, one of my best fine-casual meals in Vegas was at Sensi (in Bellagio) and it was only $26 + tax/tip (cheaper than dinner/brunch buffets at either, I believe). It was delicious and filling but without the grotesque bloaty feeling.


            2. I would have to agree with swf36d, the desserts were the only worthwhile reason to visit the Bellagio buffet. Better yet, go to the Patissiere and skip the buffet altogether. As for the service, they reset our table while we were at the buffet, and when we came back with our plates, there were other people sitting at our table, and while I can understand how this could happen when you pay in advance, in my mind it was still inexcusable.