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Vegas Buffet - Wynn or Bellagio?

When we go to Vegas in February I'd like to splurge on a buffet meal either at the Wynn or at Bellagio. Which do you recommend? If you've eaten at both I'd love to hear your reviews. Which is better for brunch and which is better for lunch or dinner?

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  1. I didn't do the Wynn, but in my opinon, The Bellagio was horrible. In fact it was so bad, we originally planned on doing the Wynn the following day, but were so soured by The Bellagio experience, we decided against it. All of the fish was overcooked, the veal osso bucco was tough, I've had better sushi at a chinese buffet, and the service was non-existant. We were never even asked if we wanted a drink refill and no one cleared the dirty plates. This was at 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon, so there is really no excuse for it. The only saving grace was dessert. The creme brulee was very good as was a dark chocolate hazelnut cake, but it certainly wasn't $30 worth of good. From that meal on, we were strictly sit down dinners.

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      Mirage Buffet has always hit the spot for me. I believe it's called "Cravings" or something equally as cringe-inducing. The food and freshness therof, is excellent.

    2. I have eaten at both on my last trip @ Vegas in August (you can get a little more about that on my blog) and prefer the Wynn much more -- the food was comparatively not as heavy and generally fresher. The Bellagio is good too, but considerably heavier fare and looks and tastes like they've been on the steam racks or under the hot lamps a little too long (and the omelet guy messed up my order considerably).

      However, I will also disclose that at the Wynn buffet I had breakfast when they first opened at 7am, whereas at the Bellagio I ate my brunch towards the end of the mealtime at almost 2pm, after three hours worth of diners had their way with the spread.


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        Wynn over Bellagio. I have only been there (both places) for lunch not dinner. I agree that the items at the Wynn are generally fresher looking and don't look like they've been sitting there forever. The service at the Bellagio gets worse with each visit.

      2. I've eaten at both for brunch (I don't buffet dinner or lunch), and felt them comparable. Enjoy.

        1. I'm not excited about either, although Wynn and Bellagio are probably the best of the bunch. For dinner, I enjoyed Bellagio just a bit more. Bellagio had a few very good choices (e.g., Beef Wellington, African Bluenose), while Wynn had a larger variety but nothing that I could get excited about. For lunch, Wynn gets the nod. Bellagio's lunch selection seemed a lot like their dinner selection but with the best dishes removed, whereas Wynn's lunch quality was pretty much on a par with its dinner menu.

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            The only buffets worth going to are so expensive now that you could pay a little more and eat at some of Vegas' best restaurants.

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              I've done both for breakfast and prefer Wynn hand's down over Bellagio.

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                Or even a little less, one of my best fine-casual meals in Vegas was at Sensi (in Bellagio) and it was only $26 + tax/tip (cheaper than dinner/brunch buffets at either, I believe). It was delicious and filling but without the grotesque bloaty feeling.


            2. I would have to agree with swf36d, the desserts were the only worthwhile reason to visit the Bellagio buffet. Better yet, go to the Patissiere and skip the buffet altogether. As for the service, they reset our table while we were at the buffet, and when we came back with our plates, there were other people sitting at our table, and while I can understand how this could happen when you pay in advance, in my mind it was still inexcusable.

              1. Wynn is my favorite in Vegas. The food is always good and the decor is far superior to Bellagio. As commented above, the food is fresher and better overall than Bellagio. It also seems to be less crowded than Bellagio. It is the most expensive buffet in Vegas, but I still think it is reasonable.

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                  I found the choices more limited at the Wynn. Other than the King Crab legs at Wynn (which are superior to Bellagio), I prefer the Bellagio buffet. I think the Chilean Sea Bass at the Bellagio is practically worth the price of the buffet alone.

                  That being said, both are on my visit list when I go next month.

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                    Chilean Sea Bass? Is that a normal item, or part of the Gourmet Weekend Buffet?

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                      It's always been on the dinner buffet when I have been there (which has never been on a weekend). As for any buffet, I try to choose an item shortly after it has been put out. Best taste that way!

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                      I was looking forward to the chilean seabass on my visit and it was horrible! It was so salty and over-cooked! Yuk!

                  2. Just got back and had lunch @ Wynn buffet and dinner next night @ Bellagio. Atmosphere @ Wynn prettier. I have to disagree about service @ Bellagio...I even remember our server's name - Mariano. He was pleasant, accomodating, took our plates at the right time, asked if we wanted drink refills, when he saw we had dessert he he asked if we wanted coffee.

                    1. Just had dinner at the Wynn last night. Interesting contrast. Some of the food was really well done. Delicate and well seasoned and cooked. For instance, they used a good quality chorizo in the chicken and chorizo shish kebab and the chicken was tender and good quality, too. The desserts were great. There was a chocolate mousse cake that was to die for. They keep the amount in the buffet table small so they can keep it fresh. On the other hand, a lot of the food was just ordinary buffet food served on expensive platters.And both the grilled asparagus and the wild mushrooms seemed to be really low quality. Like they were buying the cheapest possible. I liked the buffet, but I'm not sure it's worth $33.

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                        it's been awhile since i hit the Wynn Buffet ( the weekday price was under $30 so maybe the price has gone up ) but my spin - if i even went to the coffee shop, had a soda or juice, an appetizer,an entree and a dessert i am in the $30-$40 range and i don't get king crab legs, osso bucco, short ribs, lemon shrimp pasta, etc. etc i still think it's last "deal" on the strip...just one man's opinion !

                      2. I prefer Bellagio to Wynn. Wynn has some very interesting and innovative stuff, but after sampling it all I really didn't want to go back for seconds of anything.

                        1. Always stay at the Wynn and hands down on the buffet and the other restaurants in the Casino..
                          Love everything Steve Wynn did to this gorgeous place!
                          Get on their E-Mail list and they have incredible deals for rooms and they are best on the strip.

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                            Of the two, I've only eaten at Wynn's and would recommend it. But, I also love the Paris buffet and probably prefer it to Wynn's. Lots of regional frencyh dishes, all prepared fresh in front of you.

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                              I'd say it's pretty much flip a coin and call it between the Bellagio & Wynn buffets. It just comes down to which meal it is, what's being served, etc. Personally, I'd take the Paris buffet over either of those other two. I'm a local & I've eaten at each one ten-plus times since they've been open.

                              3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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                                I've eaten at the Paris buffet twice (breakfast and dinner), and class both meals as some of the worst buffet meals in LV (especially since it's some of the worst French food ). Bellagio is fine for breakfast; I haven't gone for lunch or dinner. I'm planning to return to LV next spring and stay at The Wynn so I'll finally get a chance to try their buffet.

                                1. re: ellenost

                                  I'm giving my rating more on balance of all the times that I've been there since I'm a local & you're obviously a visitor (which we welcome). I've had a few "meh" meals at both the Bellagio & Wynn buffets as well.

                                  3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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                                    I'm glad to read a "local's" post of the Wynn buffet since I'm returning to your great city (I sincerely do love LV--i visit every year), and this time I plan to stay at the Wynn. I agree about the Bellagio buffet being "meh", although I've only gone for breakfast when I usually stay at the Bellagio. I will heed your warning about the Wynn buffet. Thanks.

                            2. Bellagio was great but has honestly gone downhill a bit. Of the two, Wynn is better. You may also consider Paris.

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                                I stopped going to the Le Village Buffet a few years ago since the quality had slid too far, especially when the French items started slipping. It used to be in the top tier, but quickly lost its luster once Harrah's bought them out.

                              2. I typically only like breakfast buffets so when we went to Vegas this last weekend, we went to two - Paris (right from the airport) and the Bellagio. The Paris buffet is really awesome, fresh and very tasty. Bellagio was good as well!

                                1. We've been to both buffets -- Wynn once, and Bellagio several times. We both vastly prefer the Bellagio buffet. Although Wynn has a significant edge in decor and overall atmosphere, the actual food itself simply isn't as good as Bellagio's. There isn't a variety of good breads. Their custom pasta station, while inventive, produces mediocre flavors. The salads are blase. Etc.

                                  The Bellagio buffet does have spotty service, and most unfortunate fluorescent lighting (yuck!). But, some of the items are really quite good, especially on the weekends when they're offering the "Gourmet" menu (really, the regular menu + a few fancier items). I really enjoyed the beef and chicken wellingtion, and I simply cannot get enough of the friese/bleu cheese salad with the maple/sherry dressing. (For me, that one little salad is heavenly enough to justify the price of admission. But, it's only available on weekends.)

                                  And don't miss the little tiramisu cups -- they're killer.

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                                    Comparing the Wynn Buffet to the weekend Bellagio buffet is a unique situation. The "gourmet" weekend buffet is better than the Wynn, but Sunday-Thursday the Wynn is still superior IMO.

                                  2. Just to pipe in my two cents (I know this is an old post), we ate at the Bellagio dinner buffet the second night (weeknight) we were there and we really liked it. Yes the sushi was...meh...and the Polenta....bad. But, the Chilean Sea Bass...wow was it good. Also, to this day I will always remember their roasted turkey breast. I've never been a fan of white meat, but, gave it a shot...Amazing!! And funny enough, I loved their cheesecake.

                                    In comparison to the Paris buffet, we actually ate there the first morning because it was so highly touted on TripAdvisor.com . And sorry to all you Paris buffet purist, the Bellagio's breakfast buffet was hands down WAY better than the Paris. Yes the Paris has their crepes, and yes they were good but, that was it. I was expecting more hot french dishes, there was little to be found (and we were there at 8:30am). Was this an off day? I don't know. All the fruit was from a can but, the strawberries. And in retrospect, there just wasn't much to choose from. I know that more is not better. We walked away from there thinking, that's it??

                                    Go to the Bellagio breakfast the next morning and the first thing that stood out to me was more fresh fruit than the eye could see.....including berries. I was in heaven!! They had all those typical cooking stations that the Paris had, minus the crepes. They also had lunch type items like pizza, Chinese food, even ice cream.. Not something I'd want for breakfast/brunch, but, DH loved that he could eat pizza with bacon and eggs...LOL. Heck, they even had biscuits and gravy. I was excited to try it. Although, I didn't like it, but then I wasn't brought up on that so unsure if it tasted bad. I found gravy for breakfast odd.

                                    We liked it so much we ate at the breakfast one the rest of the trip.

                                    We also had great service at both all the times we were there. So I'm surprised to hear the negative comments.

                                    Sorry can't comment on the Wynn but, I do want to get over there sometime and try it. As of late we've been staying at the Bellagio, so there's is more convenient.

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                                      Actually just returned from Las Vegas last night. We ate at both and The Wynn is head and shoulders above The Bellagio.
                                      More interesting choices, a cleaner less chaotic environement and much much more care is taken with the food in preperation and presentation.

                                      We actually stayed at the Bellagio and I think the service there is a little better.
                                      Much quicker to re-fill drinks, take plates away etc..The Wynn service is fine but a little bit more relaxed.

                                      Both are good but this is the 3rd time we have been out to Las Vegas and we have had both buffets and The Wynn has been better every time

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                                        This may sound odd at a buffet , but if you get back to the Wynn ask to sit in Alex's section(Dinner).We had him twice and was never without .The second time he even remembered our drink orders .Thats amazing due to the number of people that must eat there a night. Giant crab legs,short ribs,soups,stir-fry and very good salads.

                                        1. re: jvish

                                          Thanks for the info. Did you only have dinner at the Wynn or Breakfast? We will be in Vegas in August (staying at the B) but, it'll be after a 5 day trip to Vic/Seattle. I'm not sure how gung ho I'll be for buffets after 5 days of eating out.

                                          We'll be in Vegas for 3 nights, so there is time to do it. It'll all depend on how much we've spent before then too. The buffet is a good deal if you want to try a lot of different stuff. I have some of the more expensive restaurants on my list and some of better value (like LOS). Those expensive ones may get bumped if cash is a bit tight!

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                                            Although we have eaten at both, it was too long ago for me to compare the two buffets. However, we recently dined at Wynn and thought the food was very good though many of the desserts proved to be disappointing. Here are my ratings on a scale of 0 (not eatable) to 5 (outstanding):

                                            Seaweed cucumber salad - 1.5 Forks

                                            Jicama salad with mint and yuzu - 2.5 Forks

                                            California roll - 2.5 Forks

                                            Pickled ginger - 3 Forks

                                            Scallop ceviche - 4 Forks

                                            Crab ceviche - 4 Forks

                                            Sea bass in orange sauce - 4.5 Forks

                                            Dover sole - 3 Forks

                                            Herb crusted salmon in a carrot miso broth - 4 Forks

                                            Moroccan glazed lamb chop - 4 Forks

                                            Broccoli rabe and roasted garlic - 2.5 Forks

                                            Grilled asparagus - 3.5 Forks

                                            Bok choy with garlic - 3.5 Forks

                                            Grilled veggies with pesto - 2 Forks

                                            Wild mushrooms - 3.5 Forks

                                            Crème brulee - 1 Fork

                                            Tiramisu - 1 Fork

                                            Banana mousse - 4 Forks

                                            Banana mouse redux - 4 Forks

                                            White chocolate cherry mousse - 1 Fork

                                            Key lime pie - 3 Forks

                                            My wife sampled some different items:

                                            Crab legs grilled - 3 Forks

                                            Pork pot sticker - 3 Forks

                                            Baked tomato and ricotta over baby greens - 2 Forks

                                            Mashed potatoes - 1.5 Forks

                                            Bananas Foster - 3 Forks

                                            Bread pudding - 2.5 Forks

                                            1. re: westie

                                              Wow! Thank you for taking the time to put out this list. This is one of those moments where I'm glad there are foodies out there like me although, to be honest, I don't know if I'd remember this many dishes of a buffet..very impressive!!

                                              The sea bass, salmon, and lamb have me itching to try this place. I am, however, disappointed in your assessment of the desserts. I really like the ones at the Bellagio. Funny, I didn't care for the Creme brulee a the B either (even though, they went like hot cakes). I'm very picky about my tiramisu. We have an Italian market in town that makes it like no other I've tasted. I really hate the ones where all I can taste is espresso. If I wanted a cup of coffee, I'd grab that not dessert. Light, dreamy with the perfect hint of espresso...ahhh heaven :)

                                            2. re: livetocook

                                              Dinner both times.The Buffet is about $40 for dinner,lucky for us we had two comps each,but a diverse selection of good food.

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                                                Interesting thread. . . I remember going to the Bellagio breakfast buffet within 90 days of opening and practically swooning over the cheeses, the Chinese congee, and the Japanese options. (I'm not too big on the sweets for breakfast.) I've been back a couple of times (not in the last couple of years) and was never as impressed as the first couple of times. One thing I do still dream about was the raclette at Paris buffet. . . Sigh. . . I was with a fellow diner who hates 'stinky' cheese, and I may have made him sick as that was about all I ate. The chef manning the raclette and I were good friends by the end of the meal. Sad to say, when I went back that was no longer there. Makes me want to try out those griddles to see if they are any good.

                                        2. In my opinion quite simply they are equally horrifying to any discerning palate. After all they are both a buffet!!
                                          That said after working in 5 star downtown Chicago Hotels and restaurants I have to go with the Bellagio. The Buffet is roomy. If you look at the sushi bar alone, the freshness is noticeable for the volume of diners alone.
                                          On the last trip out the soup at the Bellagio was a memorable Truffle Consomme, kobe beef carving station was fine.
                                          At the Wynn I got a claustrophobic and rushed dining experience, nothing on the buffet caught one's attentiont if you like prime rib. Sushi bar was understaffed and the fish was dry.

                                          1. Many people seem to write reviews based on whether a restaurant serves their favorite foods, rather than on the quality of what is served. I am a foodie. I love all kinds of food and revel in the ingredients, preparation and attention to detail. My husband and I normally enjoy a variety of ethnic cuisine as well as fine dining, but when you come to Las Vegas, you have to indulge in at least one dinner buffet. The Wynn is THE one. Of course, if you are trying to save money, you probably should not read any further. The dinner buffet here will set you back $38.95 per adult on a weekend night (January 2010), but it is well worth the price.

                                            We have been coming to Las Vegas each year for 15 years to attend a trade show in January. There is no comparison. The Wynn blows every buffet we've been to out of the water (we've eaten the dinner buffet at: Bellagio, Rio, Mirage, Paris, Desert Inn and Excalibur). Their ingredients are excellent and, for a buffet, we marveled over their menu choices and preparation. The lamb chops were cooked to perfection, rare prime rib was available, and all food was fresh and appetizing. Rather than put out large amounts of food that loses its luster sitting on a steam table, the Wynn's setup is with smaller serving dishes that they refill more frequently. Dining is more intimate and not so much like a banquet hall. If you were fans of the Bellagio buffet as we used to be, it has definitely gone a little downhill with service as well as food preparation. The Wynn is the new king of the hill!

                                            DINNER: Some items that we really enjoyed for dinner were the shrimp tempura sushi, crab legs (neatly sectioned rather than dumped in an unmanageable pile), lamb chops and rack of lamb, pumpkin ravioli, gnocchi, rare prime rib, roasted garlic cloves, Thai chicken lettuce wraps (these were particularly tasty with all sorts of herbs inside), small cups of single serving gourmet salads, flank steak and large peel and eat shrimp.

                                            Unlike our experience with other buffets, there was almost nothing that I would say wasn't worth trying with the exception of the pizza. The pizza looked like it was an offering just for the kids, as it should be. Pizza (pasta and bread too) is purposely served at buffets to fill you up cheaply and we almost always avoid it for this reason. There is too much good pizza elsewhere to eat it at a fancy buffet.

                                            DESSERT: While we were stuffed to the gills, we didn't let it stop us from sampling their desserts. The cookies were all excellent, and I particularly enjoyed their sugar cookie. They had a made to order crêpe station, a hard ice cream with toppings section and little tiny cups of puddings, mousses, etc. that were perfect sample size for our full stomachs. The Wynn desserts were not only all tasty, but all the perfect size. One thing that really bothers us at a buffet is the wastefulness of plating full-sized desserts when the majority of diners prefer a tiny sample of a variety of desserts. They definitely achieved perfection with their dessert sizes.

                                            FINAL WORDS: If you truly enjoy a variety of food and want to try a buffet, head to the Wynn.

                                            The Buffet At Wynn Las Vegas
                                            3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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                                            1. re: gotobednow

                                              THank God, for your review, I was thinking the same thing, about people with specific palates. I would guess I've been to every buffet (except the circus circus group) at least several times in the last 30 years. Wynn takes the cake, and even serves some good ones. Limited selection (compared to others) and almost everything I'd be happy with in moderate priced restaurants as a sole main course. Wynn winns.

                                            2. We did breakfasts at both the Wynn and Bellagio this weekend. The food and service at the Wynn was far superior to the Bellagio. There were more choices at the Wynn, the food was better prepared and the service was excellent. At the Bellagio, the food was ok (some of the desserts were still frozen) and the service was lackluster. Some of the wait staff were engaged in a heated argument just off the dining room and the diners could hear it. We rarely saw our wait person, so I could not get a fresh beverage when a bug decided to swim in my water.

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                                              1. re: fromtheD

                                                I agree with your conclusion, but I'm not sure it is accurate to say that the Wynn "has more choices" than the Bellagio buffet, unless the B's buffet has gotten smaller or the W has been expanded.

                                              2. i have ate at both several times and i feel that there are not really big differences, the crab legs, peeled shrimp and pizzas seem to be identical to each other and as both were original steve wynn concepts i bet tthey order product from the same suppliers even though wynn does not own bellagio anymore.
                                                the price at each is 100% worth it. anytime i see people complaining about the price i think where in the world can you get all you can eat king crab legs for 30? just on the crab and shrimp alone the price is fine. add in all the other entree's, salads, soups, sides and desserts and you have tremendous value.

                                                1. i'm going to vegas this weekend and it's been a while since i've been but as i recall i loved the mandalay bay buffet. anyone who's been there recently have any thoughts on it?

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                                                    Went there a couple of years ago and I don't remember a thing about it. That probably says it right there.

                                                    1. re: Chandavkl

                                                      thanks! i'll let it stay in my memory as the best buffet ever (i still talk about) and not let it disappoint with a re-visit. since we're staying at the wynn, it's safe to say i'm going there! any thoughts on the lunch buffet?

                                                      1. re: shiauting

                                                        The lunch buffet is cheaper than the dinner buffet.

                                                  2. Wynn is about best. Tried Aria's twice in last few months: very mediocre

                                                    1. Went to the Wynn buffet for dinner and was completely disappointed. I was under the impression that Las Vegas was famed for its buffets.

                                                      King crab legs were tough, excessively salty and stringy. morrocan lamb was inedible, gristled and lukewarm, sea bass was overcooked, sushi had stale shrimp tempura, panang lacked flavor with stale flakeless roti, barbecue squab was dry, cloyingly sweet and lacking herb/spice component or vinegar (in other words, not barbecue, just tomato puree and sugar), red snapper with crisp skin was dry, chocolate marmalade cake reeked of bad citrus peel.

                                                      Rack of lamb was excellent as were the braised veal shortribs. Creme brulee and tiramisu were sufficient. Otherwise the meal was APPALLINGLY bad. I have had better buffet in Orlando of all places.

                                                      1. Here is the deal from a local who has frequented both buffets often,
                                                        The wynn started out great and it was amazing with the fine quality meats and especially the seafood. The last time I went to wynn buffet was april 2,2011 and it was a far cry from what it used to be just a year earlier. The dissapointment was felt from my wife also. We swore off the wynn buffett and said lets go to the bellagio and it really was superb the waitress was amazing,the carvers at the meat stations not so much but all in all it comes down to the food and the waitress and all were amazing with me and wife.
                                                        So the moral of the story is that what was is no more so now I go to the bellagio to get my pig on!

                                                        1. WYNN, without a doubt. Heads above the rest.

                                                          1. I would recommend Wynn over Bellagio (I think even Paris was better this time). I tried all three on this trip and Wynn was the best followed by Paris. (I did breakfast/lunch on all of them)

                                                            3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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                                                            1. re: elvisahmed

                                                              green valley ranch has a great sunday brunch. snow crab legs sauteed' in some type of spicy garlic sauce made to order. awesome and the price is low too!