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Oct 8, 2007 11:20 AM

Indian Dinner buffet

Boyfriend wants to experience Indian food and has decided hed feel more comfortable at a buffet where he could try lots of different things. It isnt feasible for us to have lunch together so it needs to be a place that does a buffet for dinner. Baltimore or Columbia preferred.

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  1. there is an indian grocery on harford rd, parkville exit off 695. indo-pak, i believe. i know they have a lunch buffet, not sure abour dinner.
    8600 Harford Rd
    Parkville, MD, 21234

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      unforutnately most quality places do a lunch buffet to boost business at a relatively slow time of day. I dont think you will find any dinner buffets at any really good places. why not go on a weekend for lunch??

    2. I think at least one night per week, Mehek in Fells Point has an evening buffet. I just can't remember what night, and on a quick search, I couldn't find a website for the restaurant. Might be worth a call.

      1. In Columbia, there is a vegetarian indian restaurant called mango grove that has a buffet - not sure about dinner but next to it owned by the same owners is a non vegetarian restaurant - i believe you can choose to eat from both the buffets or either one, depending on what you want to eat veggie , non veggie or a combination of both. It would be a great place to start trying dishes. It is located in the Dobbin Center mnear the macdonalds. Hope this helps

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          I have been to the buffet for lunch. Does Mango Grove do their buffet at dinen ras well or just the menu? I dont believe Mirchi Wok (meat place connected) does buffet in the evening.