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Oct 8, 2007 11:19 AM

I Deal Coffee coming to east end?

Where the Carribean Dutchpot last was on Queen/Ashdale they are opening an I Deal Coffee. Anyone know anything else about this? I just passed by today and saw a help wanted sign for experienced barristas. Awesome!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I interviewed the owner last week for a profile piece i'm writing for and can confirm that they're opening a third place on queen east. Fantastic coffee with a conscience...really hard to dislike these guys and their product!

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      1. re: yoyodyne

        Its easy to dislike their lazy espresso pulling. Their location in Kensington gets blown out of the water by Louie's and the new Manic coffee. I've never been impressed by their product, service or ambience.

        1. re: Ender

          I don't think I've ever been disappointed by the quality of their beans. I use their Prince of Darkness blend for French press and usually end up with rich, beautifully balanced coffee.

          The Kensington store is a nightmare in terms of layout and ambience, but I've always considered it to be part of the charm of the place. I love visiting the market and then heading over to "I Deal..", gingerly tiptoeing my way through the hipsters littering the front (for want of a better term) patio, trying not to step on their scarves...

          The ever-changing staff are usually friendly and competent. It may be a little confusing as to who is ordering, but that is frequently the story at every coffee shop in town. I always order a cappuccino with my beans and it's always good.

          Having tried cappuccinos at Dark Horse, Mercury Espresso Bar, Bull Dog cafe recently, I can say I prefer I Deal Coffee's take, which is stronger and more syrupy than the others. I don't know if it's because the other places are using whole milk as their default, but I found all their caps emphasize the milk at the espresso's expense.

          That's not to say their caps weren't very good, because they were. Just that I was surprised that all these fabulous coffee houses seemed to have a similar style. That said, I'll know to order 2% or 1% in the future. And, of course, I also need to taste their espresso straight, but that's a whole other post.

          I will say that while the decor at the Ossington branch is a little nicer, I've found the staff there to be a little uneven. Beans are still good, though.

        2. re: yoyodyne

          I really like I Deal coffee but I don't get why their so-called conscience coffee is served in styrofoam cups. This was my experience at the Ossington location and it really left a...bitter taste in my mouth.

          I know we should all have our travel mugs with us, but when it's not possible, it's nice to have a biodegradable (at least paper) cup for those situations.

          1. re: foxymoron

            I hear you on that one. Very confusing. I was quite surprised by a styrofoam cup coming from them. The coffee is great though. I love their Princess of Darkness roast on my espresso machine.

            1. re: foxymoron

              If it helps your conscience, Styrofoam cups can now go in the recycling blue bins in Toronto (that is, when they are actually being picked up, ha). Since most wax covered paper cups cannot, the Styrofoam may actually be better.



          2. I'd love to know when they are going to actually open. Anyone know?

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            1. re: charmoula

              I jogged by there earlier today and noticed that they are now open.

              1. re: professor plum

                I dropped by last week to grab coffee. I ordered an ice latte. I was surprised to see it get served in a styrofoam cup. Then when I tried it it blew me away. It was so nice and smooth. There was no bite to it at all. I love it when coffee has that burnt flavour but I've been noticing that the coffee that I have been having by Queen East taste too burnt that it's bitter or too strong for me. This was one of the best latte I've had in a long time. I've been craving to go back to get another one. It's so hard to decide now. The Red Rocket close by has really good drinks too (plus snacks and food).

                1. re: babybluepowder

                  I dunno, you lost cred with me when you mentioned Red Rocket. I had some of the worst coffee there around the time when they opened. I think the barista was mixing soy and regular milk or something. Coupled with not packing the espresso down hard enough with a tamper. Really mediocre stuff. then Ideal opened and it is closer to my house. End of story.

                  Word has it that the owners of the Ideal chain are trying to sell the business and move to Costa Rica, but they're looking for the "right" kind of buyer that will keep the quality the same.

                  1. re: currycue

                    Hi Curry cue,

                    Well, I'm not much of a coffee expert. I just like a roasty yet smooth coffee. Wow, you're good that you can tell from drinking coffee that it doesn't taste clean and what might be in it. I don't drink coffee often but I savour it every time I do (still learning). To be honest, I wasn't really comparing coffees but just that it so nice to have a choice of places to go to for coffee close by because I live in the area too. I have to say though, the Red Rocket has some really nice selection of teas. Love their 100 mysteries. Do you like the coffee at I Deal coffee then?

                    Wow I can't believe they are looking to sell it already. They just opened! That's so sad.

                    1. re: babybluepowder

                      I do prefer I Deal, yes, but I do also note that they aren't always consistent. On more than one occasion I stepped into the store full of smoke (They may have burnt some beans while roasting them) so you may have gotten an off day. I do like the competition in the area, it's nice to see that Starbucks need not apply.

                      Mercury also makes a fantastic coffee although I tend to go only in summer when I can sit outside. The place needs a regular clean (especially the bathroom full of flies)

                      As for the coffee tasting thing, I only recently noticed the difference between using pasturized milk and the "pur filter" kind in coffee, so we're all learning. I guess it's just a matter of "once you've had better, it's hard to go back". I still frequent Tango Palace because of their wonderful selection of finger foods and their late hours, but their coffee is hit and miss.

                      1. re: currycue

                        Oh, I really like Mercury too. I had an ice cafe americano there and it had a really good roasty and smooth taste to it. Really strong but very good. That's disgusting about the bathrooms. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm never going to use their bathrooms ever. I'm sorry to say, but having a good bathroom makes me wonder about the cleaniness of the food in a restaurant.

                        It's neat how you pointed out about the milk. I don't know what pur filter milk is. Does that mean it's not pasturized?

                        I went back to I Deal for another ice latte and it was so good. I like how they put coffee in their ice so it won't dilute the coffee taste. I'm not sure what kind of milk they use but it seems to come bottled in glass bottles, but it think it made my latte taste really good...because the milk was good too. I guess that would only make sense...the taste can only be enhanced if everything that goes into it is good stuff.

                        I had a friend tell me that Tango Palace has good coffee too. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. It's good to know they serve finger foods too.

                        I noticed a new cafe open around there too....Simple cafe. Looks cute, haven't tried that either.

                        That Te Aro place is a very nice looking place. I ordered a cappacino there and it was pretty strong and roasty. It was a little too bitter for me. I don't even know why I ordered a capp. I not much of a fan...I just went along with a recommendation. I just remember liking the take out cup a lot because it resembled a sippy cup.

                        1. re: babybluepowder

                          I'm yet to try TeAro, but would like to. Glad to hear it is strong coffee, that's a good start. Pur filtre is like Natrel Brand milk or Tru-Taste, it is not pasteurized, but filtred with a microfiltre to remove bacteria. It has a much cleaner taste than pasteurized, costs more, but will last longer in your fridge.

                          I tried Simple, but wasn't impressed. I suppose sandwiches are their forte. The coffee was pretty weak.

                          1. re: currycue

                            oh gosh, went back to Ideal yesterday for another ice latte and it was mediocre. I had no ideal that it makes such a difference to have someone else prepare (who obviously didn't want to be there and was just in the most foul mood). I was too scared to ask for more ice because my coffee turned out luke warm (I hate my coffee luke warm) It's got to be hot or really cold. I was quite embarassed cuz I brought a few of my gf to try it out cuz I thought it was so good. I guess they ran out of ice made out of coffee too, so my coffee was quite diluted...blah....