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Oct 8, 2007 11:14 AM

Best sushi with a little bit of scene?

Where is the best place to get sushi, but that also has a pretty upscale & good scene? I realize the two don't always go together, but while the quality of the sushi is very important, I need a great "Saturday night" place to go out & take a friend.

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  1. I have a friend that craves a similar combo, and we always end up at Perry's in Adams Morgan. The first time we went I was totally confused how a place called Perry's would have sushi, and their website (at least when I've looked) seems to be more "fresh" than "sushi". But the 2 times I've been there, the food was pretty good and afterwards we went to the rooftop bar. They have a few couches you can sit at with tables in between, which was fun (though the spill factor seemed high).

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      its pretty slim pickens for anything like that in DC. I wouldnt suggest Perry's, the sushi is not very good and the service stinks. The only time is decent is on a nice night you can sit on the roof and eat. Mei n Yu is great asian inspired food with very hip scene, but its not sushi. Kaz or Sushi Ko are probably the best sushi places, but neither is much of a scene.

      1. re: elegantelliot

        what about Cafe Asia?

        its a pretty cool spot. its not very upscale but on a saturday night it will definitely be a pretty good scene.

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          Agreed on Cafe Asia being a bit sceney, at least the one in Rosslyn.

          Also I have never been to this place, but by the Georgetown movie theatre is a really sceney looking lounge/restaurant type of place I heard it has sushi? I don't know the name or if it is good, but perhaps someone knows something about it?

          Also does the new place on 18th have sushi Plum something? Since it is new it may be sceney.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            I've been to the place near the Georgetown movie theater but I can't remember the name of it. It was about a year ago when I was there for drinks and sushi. If you are looking for scene it is definitely a place to check out. It's a bit pricey as you may expect but the drinks were good, and the sushi was ok as well, but it definitely focuses on flash before quality of food.

              1. re: elegantelliot

                Yeah, I think that is it, the lighting is just incredible, makes me want to go like a moth to a flame, but I am always running late to movies in G-town then I am never hungry by the time they get out.

        2. re: elegantelliot

          I didn't think I had enough of a taste for sushi to care if Perry's wasn't that good -- then I went, and I really thought it was awful, at least the sushi/Asian side of the menu. And way too much money for bad food. It's a shame, because it could be just what you're looking for. The roof is a great setting, and the bar food looked fine. I'd be willing to order off the other side of the menu. But not the sushi.

          If you do go, I'd be curious if you have the same experience -- I mean, it was pretty crowded, so apparently not everyone agrees with me.

      2. For sushi with a scene, I'd recommend Oya. They have a good selection of rolls, plus a full menu if you want something different.

        They also do a great happy hour that involves deals on drinks AND sushi, and it goes until 8.

        Sushi Ko is opening a new location in Friendship Heights soon. It looks like it's going to be quite a bit larger and have a good-sized bar, so that might be on the horizon for you as well.

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        1. re: katecm

          i have heard nothing good about the sushi at Oya

          1. re: elegantelliot

            Now you have! It's not at all traditinal, but I think it's not bad, and as I said, the poster is looking for a scene. Can't get more of a scene than Oya.

            1. re: elegantelliot

              I didn't get a full sushi dinner at Oya but instead got a crunchy shrimp roll for an appetizer. I thought it was quite good. The rest of the meal was surprisingly good as well. And there certainly is a scene there. I enjoyed my experience. Of course I was there for their 3-course dinner deal. Not sure if I would pay full price there...but still good sushi rolls.

          2. I would agree with recommending Oya. We recently had a foodie friend in from out of town and his new girlfriend is on a raw food diet. We went to Oya thinking we would all be satisfied, and we were. I was not expecting much more than a scene, but the sushi was quite good, as were many of the small plates. And it certainly has much more ambiance than most of the sushi places in DC.
            I've never actually eaten the sushi at Saki Club, but it is attractive.

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            1. re: spider

              I think Oya is lovely--be sure to try the cocktails too. it's the best scene for sushi, I think. I haven't had the sushi at Mate, but I don't recommend it, in general. It's really a sad looking place--looks cool from the outside, but inside, no one smiles...

              1. re: j fish 44

                you guys sold me, i have a reservation at Oya this weekend :) you never know until you try it yourself!

            2. have you tried sake club on Connecticut? Its upscale and definitely has a scene. THe sushi was pretty good and they have a good selection of sakes. Its a unique dining experience.

              1. Perry's or Sake club is where I always end up....There is also Take in Bethesda.

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                  wow, its amazing how different people can have such hugely differing opinions. I found the sushi at both Sake Club and Perrys to be barely edible at times. At Sake Club i had to send back freakin edamame, i mean how do you mess that up??