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Oct 8, 2007 11:01 AM

Rasika or Indebleu?

I'll be spending a long weekend in D.C., & both Rasika & Indebleu look appealing. Are they in fact similar, and if so, which is better?

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  1. I've only eaten at Rasika, though I have had drinks at the bar at Indebleu. The food and atmosphere at Rasika are first rate - fairly modern interpretations of Indian food. It's not cheap, but very delicious. That fried spinach appetizer is addictive.

    Indebleu has gotten very uneven reviews. I perused the menu while having a drink there several weeks ago. The menu did not seem authentically Indian in any way. From a food standpoint, I think the experiences would be very different. The bar at Indebleu wasn't appealing to me at all, so it didn't inspire me to want to try the restaurant. Others might disagree.

    You should search the Washington Post's food sections for recent reviews of both places. There are other Indian places in DC that are likely to have more inspired food than Indebleu. I like Indique in Cleveland Heights, though it can get crazy busy and loud on weekends. Heritage India has a lovely dining room, but I find the food to be uneven. Skip the Indian places near the Woodley Park metro - they are fine if you're in the area and are craving Indian, but they are no where near the quality of Rasika.

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      Indebleu is fusion, no Indian dishes to be found, but elements of Indian spicing/cooking will be evident in almost all dishes. Rasika is a European restaurant serving Indian dishes. Rasika is less expensive I think and definitely more likeable. Nobody should go expecting straight up Indian food. As dcandohio mentions, the spinach dish is a MUST ORDER.

    2. Rasika -- the drinks are delightful, the food engaging, and the service impeccable. That said, I've only been once, and to Indebleu never.

      1. If these are the two you're choosing from, I agree with other posters - Rasika for sure.

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          Rasika is one of my favorites. Def in my top 10 list of best cocktails and the black cod is unbeatable!

        2. They are not similar. If these are the only two on your mind Rasika is it. Feedback from my wife after her office lunch sojourn was not positive except for the palak chat, the fried spinach appetiser.Her comments on the Lamb Curry are unprintable.