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Oct 8, 2007 10:22 AM

I've read the boards - Las Vegas Buffet Recs?

I know there are a multitude of posts about Las Vegas food. I've bounced through a bunch and have read as much as I can find. I'm interested in buffet recommendations, on the strip. I've been to Vegas twice before and will be going again next February, but I'm starting my research early.

What would you recommend for on strip buffets? I've enjoyed the Paris breakfast buffet and the Aladdin (when it was) dinner buffet.

Any I should I add to my list to not miss?

If anyone has already posted or read a great list of buffet recs please point me in the right direction and I can read it.

Thank you!

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  1. wynn, bellagio and planet hollywood are all good...some have commented on treasure island and mirage but i have not been to either ( i did go to treasure island when it was called...hmm...i think it was called plates...or something like that but they've changed - a least the name has been changed, not sure if the style has changed . )

    it's a close call and i think you'll do fine with them all but i'll give the nod to wynn, then bellagio and finally planet hollywood....ENJOY !

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      i was at PH a few months ago. first of all, people on flyertalk pan PH altogether, and I concur. But I found their food just..... beyond ghastly. The buffet, the food court.... seriously wretched. And that's saying a lot becuase while I'm a foodie, my other half prays at the altar of rolibertos, and PH food made him seriously ill. I believe I blogged about it at the time.

      we also tried the buffet at the MGM and that was just one step above awful, but better. I was really bummed.... LV buffets used to all be pretty ok, and a lot of fun. They were no longer fun, decent or cheap from what I could see.

    2. from a breakfast standpoint - i like the buffet at the luxor. nothing spectatular but good variety at fair price. any COAST properties - gold coast - orleans - sun coast and now south point - all $6.49. basic breakfast. good food excellent price. then again i don't do chinese or mexican for breakfast. i save ethnic for lunch and supper. going back to vegas in dec. check out for suggestion on everything. best part is they are current and not out dated.

      1. I'm going to Vegas at the end of the month and I, too, am very interested in this topic. I used to enjoy Aladdin's Spice Buffet and I had heard that it went down hill during the remodelling but is back on track. Is that not the case?

        Also, I'd be interested in what fellow Chowhounds think of this article:

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          I ate there AFTER remodeling and I thought the food was pretty good. The middle eastern food was above average and there were several other stations including the desserts that were enjoyable.

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            it's back on track - i think you get "more bang for your buck" at wynn and bellagio ( i might make it to the mirage before months end...if i do, i'll report back ) but the planet hollywood buffet is decent - i read the forbes article - i'm not a fan of the rio buffets ...i ate at them both back during the world series of poker...again not bad..but i think the orleans is just as good for gee...maybe 1/2 the price ?!?! i still laugh when i read the negative comments about the buffets - i still think for under $30 ( on weekdays ) - it's an amazing deal and when i get the 2 for 1 buffet coupons for orleans and the palms - so under $10 for dinner - it's even more remarkable ( the palms buffet was ok...i just had higher expectations )

            please report back...Enjoy !

          2. I prefer the Wynn myself. I have been there each year since its opening and still think it is the best. The first year was truly spectacular, but they have settled down into the premium buffet category nicely. Bellagio always is in the running, especially on the weekends, but I prefer the Wynn's food and decor. I do miss the risotto station at the Wynn though.

            1. The Sterling Brunch buffet at Bally's is in a league of its own. Sunday's only. Very expensive, but if you want the creme de la creme this is it. I have read recently that it is a hassle getting seated in the main room (the Steakhouse) unless you are staying in the hotel or or a member of....., but we didn't have any trouble with that a year ago. Also, to get more caviar it helps to tip the sushi ladies who dole it out. The champagne (good stuff btw) still flows freely.