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Parmesan rinds in soup?

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I heard that you can use parmesan rinds to flavor soup. Now I have a collection of them but I have not tried anything yet.
Any tricks or tips?

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  1. Try it with minestrone or something - just stick it in, it adds great flavor. (Don't ladle it into a soup bowl though!)

    1. There's really nothing to it! You just put the rind in as you allow your soup to simmer. I keep the rind in the leftovers, even freeze it. The one thing I'll say is that you need to be sure to UNDERsalt just a tad because salt will leech from the rind and increase the salinity of your soup.
      Use in stews, sauces and broths too!


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        Just make sure you remember to take it out when the soup is done, or at least when served. I embarrasingly once inadvertantly served a piece of rind to someone!

      2. Yes, that's a good tip. They can be frozen until ready to use.

        Use them to flavor boiled greens as well: spinach, etc.

        1. I put the parmesan rind in the pot with the turkey carcass when I make the base stock for turkey minestrone soup. After simmering for about 4 hours, most of it melts away leaving just a small rubbery blob stuck to the bones.

          1. I use a parmesan rind in my bolognese sauce, totally divine! (Do cut the salt you add as someone else mentioned. Keep tasting to see if it's just right.)

            1. I too keep them in the freezer (so I don't have to worry about mould). The only trick/tip I can offer is to make sure it doesn't sink to the bottom of your soup so it doesn't stick and burn.

              1. the rind itself is edible as well (after it's been cooked in the soup)....you can cut it into matchstick-sized pieces and scatter a few on top of each bowl.