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Oct 8, 2007 09:40 AM

Free-range or antiobiotic free turkey for Thanksgiving?

Hi. Where would I get a free-range or antibiotic free turkey for Thanksgiving? What is the price difference, typically, between that type and a regular one?


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  1. The Farmer's Market in Union Sq I believe has what you're looking for. I forget the name of the stand but he is there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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    1. re: bigmackdaddy

      I think what you are referring to is Quattro Farms maybe? But I thought they are only there on Saturdays. Anyway I bought a 20 lb from them a few years ago and it was around $60. It was very good.

    2. Ottomanelli on Bleecker can also probably get them for you - haven't done so myself though.

      1. Lobel's also carries these... from the web site:
        "Lobel’s fresh poultry are all-natural and raised on small Amish and Mennonite farms in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch country.
        Each of these free-range birds is processed by hand in small volumes under USDA inspection. You will not find better tasting poultry anywhere."

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        1. re: snaporaz

          I'm sure anything from Lobel's is wonderful.