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Oct 8, 2007 09:16 AM

Dallas Hounds Visiting Atlanta

Hi There Atlanta 'Hounds, a group of us from Dallas will be visiting this upcoming weekend for Taste of Atlanta. I need some advice on the following things:

1) There are too many restaurants represented at Taste of Atlanta to try them all. What are some of your favorites (which booths are most worthwhile to stop by)? Full list of participating restaurants here:

2) I'm looking for a place for some late night dining (9:00 or 10:00pm) on Saturday night, preferably close to Georgia Tech campus. Any ideas? We are swinging by the Varsity for the sake of tourism, but I hear the food isn't the greatest there. Any other options?

3) We'll be having Sunday brunch at Canoe. Any menu suggestions for brunch?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I would visit Dish, Haven, Low Country BBQ, Roys, Six Feet Under, The Capital Grille, The Oceannaire.
    2. I can't think of anything, just drawing a blank.
    3. Don't go to Canoe for Brunch, go to Ray's by the River. Canoe is a lovely place to dine, the food is okay nothing great and the service is horrible.
    Good luck and have fun!

    1. We're big fans of Bhojanic and OK Cafe. I'd check out Six Feet Under and Taverna Plaka, too.

      I still haven't made it, but my wife's been to Canoe for brunch several times and has enjoyed it.

      1. 2. Ecco (backup The Globe)

        1. 1. Bojanic is a definite must. Excellent food.

          2. For Saturday night, it all depends on how far you would like to range. If you can get to Decatur, I would recommend Cafe Lilly and then a stop in at The BrickStore for its amazing array of Belgian Beers (over 600 at last count). The food at the Brickstore is not bad either, although it is straight forward pub food. From Cafe Lilly, just walk out the front door and head right up Ponce De Leon until you hit Starbucks on Decatur Square, turn right at Starbucks and it will be on your left. Just look for all the smokers standing out front.

          3. Drawing a blank of brunch. We do not do brunch much, but if you want Jewish Deli, the Bagel Palace and Bakery is the place. It is in Toco Hills Shopping Center, excellent smoked fish, etc. Pretty standard fare. Just remembered a brunch spot. Again, it is in Decatur, Wahoo offers an excellent brunch complete with shrimp and grits. Highly recommend.

          If I think of anything else, I will definitely post.