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Oct 8, 2007 08:45 AM

Good clam chowder in Harvard Sq?

Please help - need to take out of towners to lunch!

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  1. Dolphin Seafood always served excellent fish chowder, which they have unfortunately taken off their menu. I didn't like their clam as much, but recall it to be a pretty good straight forward version and not overly-thickened. Its slightly less expensive than Legal, but not much. Out of towners might prefer the Legal environment or even Summer Shack (Jasper White at times has advocated flour-thickened chowders, although I think they have a pretty normal one now.) both probably with a bit more thyme and so.

    1. I am not sure about good but John Harvards has it. I havent had it in over a year but I remember it not being bad. anyone else had John Harvards chowder?

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        hmm i just thought about grafton street. I have had fine food there. It didnt blow me away but it was fine.

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          John Harvard's does have clam chowder, I order a cup when I go there in cold weather, their chowder is ok by me... I don't think it's the flour-thickened type that people dislike. I like the beer and atmosphere at John Harvards rather than the rest of the food.

        2. I kind of like the chowder at the "Boston Chowda Co." or whatever it's called, in the Garage food court on JFK & Mt Auburn.

          There's also a Legal's if you want to go that route.

          1. Your best bet is Legal Seafood in Charles Hotel. It's a sure bet...