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Oct 8, 2007 08:43 AM

Best Mozzerella di Bufala Shop in Rome

Thought I'd point this wonderful shop out to those who are living and/or traveling in Rome. The shop is called "La Bufala Allegra," and it's on Via Orazio between Via Cola di Rienzo and Via Plinio in the Prati district. This little shop is run by a lovely woman, Annamaria, who gets her mozzerella from a wonderful (top) producer in Paestum called Barlotti. She also gets ricotta di bufala and many other fantastic "latticini" and cheeses. Too, she sells other wonderful products from the south of Italy, such as pasta di gragnano, sott'oli, and most of it is very reasonably priced.

La Bufala Allegra
Via Orazio (between Via Cola di Rienzo and Via Plinio)

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