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Oct 8, 2007 08:21 AM

Urban Dog Coffee (Dal)

I've done a lot of coffee shop looking around Dallas and have had a hard time finding something worthwhile. Many people swear by White Rock, but I must say I've been very disappointed on multiple occasions. I was about ready to give up, then I remembered that I enjoyed my espresso from Urban Dog, so i thought I'd check them out again. Once again i got a very good product.

If I really want good coffee i just make it at home, but sometimes I need to get out of the house. I inevitably feel buyer's remorse for dropping $2 on something I'd pour down the drain at home. The espresso is just what espresso should be. Full flavored, a bit roasty with some character, but no overwhelming distinctions. Most importantly it's not bitter, highly acidic, or acrid like so many espresso shots can be.

The location is also nice. There's a pleasant sitting area, a bar, a patio and it's connected to a funky pet supply store. Pets are welcomed, but those averse to sharing their coffee with canines can sit in the human only area. They are located on the South side of Oak Lawn just a bit East of Maple.

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  1. thanks for the tip - I've been looking for a decent espresso in Dallas with no luck so far. What day/time did you go? The quality of a draw can be so barista-dependent...

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      Monday morning. I think she was the same one who served me before too, which was a Saturday morning.

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        I've been twice now (not in the same day :) and I like the place. First time I got an espresso and it was definitely the best I've had at in dallas. They use Illy beans - which in my opinion are a solid choice for espresso. Not overwhelmingly nuanced, but very nice. The draw was quite acceptable - although they use an automatic machine (didn't catch the make) and therefore have little control over the volume, the grinding and tamping are still variables that must have been well done. The espresso had a nice bit of viscosity and crema and good flavor.

        Today I just had their Urban Dog coffee blend - it was good. Not fantastic. Light hints of chocolate in a moderately dark roast (but no burned flavor). My colleague got some iced blended caramel thing that was very tasty (if you lean that way). It had a really strong coffee flavor, unlike most of the Starbuck's blended drinks I've tried. Very nice.

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          Have you ever tried Eatzi's for espresso? I had a plain drip there once that was good enough. I'm pretty sure they use Illy as well.

      2. Thanks for tip. I can't take the HP Village Starbucks any longer.

        1. Just wanted to note that Urban Dog Coffee has been remodeled, and I believe the coffee is still great, although I don't usually get expresso. The baristas are always friendly (I like the main one better than that girl that used to work there) and helpful in selecting drinks. I frequent the place regularly and have always had a good experience so far.

          There's still a patio, and comfy "living room furniture" in one area. Free WiFi. Funky art.. And last weekend had a fundraiser for a dog with cancer. Gotta love it. So refreshing to have a quality alternative to Starbucks. They're on Oaklawn between Maple and Cedar Springs (at College? I think).

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            Urban Dog is actually at Congress. My friend Steve started Urban Dog. His wife is a vet at Cityvet. He left and I don't know the new owners. I believe they stopped using Illy.