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Please Help NY hound throwing TX party

Hi DFW hounds,
I'll be in TX for my wedding in a couple of weeks. In lieu of a traditional rehearsal dinner, we are throwing a party. Since most of the guests are coming from out of state, I'd like to introduce them to some of the best local foods. I'm thinking finger foods and the sort of things that can be eaten while standing, so I can't do steak(!).

One idea was to buy some tamales (any favorite spots?). What other local treats would you suggest?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. My favorite tamale place is La Popular, at Munger and Columbia.

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      I'll second La Popular. I love that place - the tamales are always very fresh and really wonderful.

    2. Try the tamales from the Dallas Tortilla and Tamale Factory in Oak Cliff - $6.50 a dozen - many varieties. They also sell barbacoa and carnitas by the pound, so you could set out fresh corn tortillas and let guests make their own tacos.


      How about some fried chicken from Babe's? Mmm, mmm, good!

      Ribs from Sonny Bryan's on Inwood.

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        La Popular and Dallas Tortilla Factory are the two sort of canonical choices. If you get a chance, I'd try some tamales from each beforehand and decide for yourself. I prefer the tamales from Dallas Tortilla Factory - I think the masa has a better corn flavor - but they're a little drier and greasier (I actually like both of those things about them as well, but I can understand people going with La Popular for those reasons). If you go to the Dallas Tortilla Factory, be sure to pick up some chips while you're there. Their hot sauce is only so-so, but it's better than most store brands.

        Fried Chicken from Babe's, Bubba's, or Brother's would be a promising call, since it's great cold as well as warm. Ribs are also a good idea, but unless you really want to do it Texas style I might go with the ribs from Red Hot and Blue. They cater well.

        Finger foods... what about flautas? You see these all the time as a sort of generic party food, but they're never any good. If you got some chicken flautas, or better yet some bean & cheese flautas, from Rancho Martinez, it would be a whole 'nother story. But you'd want some sauce to dip them in, maybe...

        And for something sweet, I strongly recommend some pralines from RJ Sho-Nuff's. If you go to the source, you can get a variety of Tex-Mex candies. I think this is their current information, but you should check - they moved recently, so don't necessarily trust the internet. I'd call and make sure they're where you think they are.

        RJ Sho-Nuff’s Famous Texas Premium Candy Co. (7479 S. Westmoreland Rd. 214-374-5876)

      2. You might also buy bulk Barbacoa and or other taco meats and do a build you own. It's easy and every inexpensive.

        1. Izmir Deli on Greenville Avenue has excellent tapa items to go. It's not Southwestern/Tex-Mex, but it's some of the best I have ever had!!

          1. For sure you want some Sonny Bryan's BBQ. Everything from there is good. I'd go to Mi Cocina and pick up a catering menu. They have good appetizers that one can enjoy as finger food and the chips, salsa, queso and guacamole there are tasty.
            So you only want one would consider Texas food, or can I include some lovely places to get delicious foods for party's? I'd send you to Jimmy's for good Italian meats and cheeses, a nice antipasta is always a pleaser. The Mozzarella Company makes their on cheese, and the owner was trained in Italy. Yummy desserts can be ordered from Dough Monkey. The champagne cake is to die for. They only make their desserts for local restaurants or special order. Worth looking in to. that should give you something.

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              hhshames, thanks for these suggestions. Where is Jimmy's?

            2. Is this going to be IN Dallas? You just said "DFW" and that makes a difference. Those of us west of the Trinity feel very different about food options that our neighbors to the east.

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                All of these suggestions are fantastic. The party will be in Fort Worth, but it's no big deal to go over to Dallas.

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                  I too am in FW. Now, I do not typically like Joe T. Garcia's - not at all BUT having said that, they have a wonderful venue for parties and their catering is far superior to what their menu offers. One of the places they offer is a small chapel that has been redone and it is very cool. It is a very fun place if you would consider going to a location rather than hosting it yourself.

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                    Joe T's chapel sounds awesome!

                    If you're in Ft. Worth, and decide not to go with Joe T's, I'd STRONGLY recommend looking into getting some ribs from Angelo's. People will argue about it, but they're the standard choice for best BBQ in the DFW area; they're perfect finger food, and certainly qualify as a regional specialty.

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                    There is a Blue Mesa in Fort Worth

                2. Blue Mesa Grill does some nice catering...We used them for Christmas Eve one time...It is Southwestern food, rather than Tex Mex, still good though

                  1. Hot Damn Tamales in Fort Worth on Magnolia Ave.