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Oct 8, 2007 07:06 AM

Italian Cooking Classes in Westchester?

I'd like to get my brother in law a gift certificate for an italian cooking class in westchester. Any ideas? I did a web search and came up short.


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    This place does a lot of cooking classes, the schedule didn't seem to be up to date, but maybe you could call them.

    1. Not in Westchester, but also not far....just over in Wilton, CT. I've heard great things about Cucina Casalinga. Apparently, this woman's kitchen is amazing! She also does tours to Italy a few times a year - so she's the real deal.

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        how about some "neuvo latino" cooking classes at pacifico in port chester

      2. I would go to the website for the Culinary Istitute of America in Hyde Park, NY. I know they do one-day boot camps and other classes, and maybe they do an Italian class once in a while -- worth a shot.

        1. There is a brand-new Italian Cultural Center in Tuckahoe, in the gorgeous Generoso Pope building, right at the train station. They have both cooking and language classes for adults and children, as well as cultural events (opera performances, art exhibits, wine pairings, etc.) and history lectures. Finally. I couldn't be more proud :)
          Check it out:

          1. Chef Central on Route 100 in Hartsdale, I think has cooking classes.

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              DH and I took a class there (Chef Central in Hartsdale) in Sept. and it was great because there were only four of us with the instructor/chef and we "studied" the region of Valle d'aosta. the only negative is that it is a demo class not a hands on class. The positive was we could chat and ask questions and afterwards we ate some fabulous stuff. We had fried polenta cakes with a fontina cheese fonduta, a green salad with fresh croutons and a cabbage dish that was like a savory bread pudding.