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New York Michelin Results for 2008

Here they are as posted on the Michelin site this AM. Included are the star recipients, as well as the "Bib Gourmand" winners.

Jean Georges
Le Bernardin
Per Se

Del Posto
Gordon Ramsay at The London

A Voce
Blue Hill
Café Boulud
Café Gray
Fleur de Sel
Gotham Bar & Grill
Gramercy Tavern
Jewel Bako
L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
Modern (The)
Perry Street
Peter Luger
Spotted Pig
Sushi of Gari

Amy Ruth's
Baci & Abbracci
Blue Ribbon Bakery
Blue Smoke
Cho Dang Gol
Congee Village
Daisy May's BBQ
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
El Parador
Fatty Crab
Frankies 457 Spuntino
Garden Court Café
Golden Unicorn
Good Fork (The)
Great N.Y. Noodletown
Gum Fung
J.G. Melon
Jackson Diner
Lil' Frankie's Pizza
Max SoHa
Momofuku Noodle Bar
Phoenix Garden
Sette Enoteca & Cucina
Taco Taco
Thomas Beisl
Turkish Kitchen
Yakitori Torys
Yang Pyung Seoul
Zabb Queens

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  1. Thank you! Pls explain "BIB GOURMAND"

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      judging from the list it means 'ugh, here's some other restaurants located in new york city.'

      1. re: sam1

        Totally agree! Once again, Michelin proves to be hopeless when it comes to NYC.

        1. re: snaporaz

          Another example of Michelin not doing their homework:

          Anyone who has eaten at Yakitori Totto vs Tory's will tell you that although the ownership and menus are nearly the same, the execution at Totto is consistently superior. The European visiting with this guide in tow will miss the best yakitori NYC has to offer.

      2. re: LeahBaila

        I think it's restaurants in the under-$40-range that the evaluators considered to be notable. Here's a link to the official release with a bit more explanation:

        1. re: foodiegrl

          Hmmm. Del Posto over Babbo --- not. No mention of Yasuda - cough...shows how useless michelin is everywhere except france.

          1. re: tpigeon

            I bought the guide when it came out last year and quickly decided it was pretty useless. La Goulue actually got one star last year. Agree about Yasuda.

            1. re: MMRuth

              agreed about yasuda too. you can just tell the reviewers visited a select group of restaurants with little knowledge of whats really going on in nyc...its pretty sad.

        2. re: LeahBaila

          <Pls explain "BIB GOURMAND"> Good bang for the buck.

        3. I can't believe Oceana got a star...unbelievable. the place is no longer good. i mean it was horrible.

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          1. re: Monica

            and they dropped Tocqueville. I was pretty sure they got one star last year. Place is just as great as ever!

            1. re: ChefJune

              does this include brooklyn? i see peter luger....

              1. re: TBird

                Yes - it includes all of New York City.

                1. re: TBird

                  Peter Luger and Saul keep theirs. Dressler gets one too.
                  The bib-gourmand section also includes a really haphazard mix of restaurants good and meh:
                  Baci and Abracci (wha?)
                  Belleville (huh?)
                  Frankie's 457
                  The Good Fork (whatever)

                  None of those are terrible, but I don't know that the bib gourmand ones deserve mention above some other notable brooklyn restaurants, eg. Applewood and Grocery and DiFara.

            2. I am really surprised EMP didn't get a star.

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              1. re: LJW

                You're right - I hadn't noticed their absence from the list!

                1. re: LJW

                  That is a stunning omission and a huge insult to Chef Daniel Humm!

                  I agree with the others who have said Michelin's NYC guide is worse than useless!!

                2. Grocery gets stiffed for the 3rd straight year. The price of attitude.

                  The Bib Gourmand "under $40" selections were a bit eccentric. Nice to see Sripraphai get a mention. Ditto Frankie's Sputino. The inclusion of Jackson Diner, however, is just plain nuts. And the omission of Spicy and Tasty, to which Bruni correctly awarded 2 stars, is a glaring omission.

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                  1. re: Bob Martinez

                    If you're familiar with their history in the "Red Guide," Michelin always does things "their way!" and imho, it often makes little if any sense.

                    1. re: Bob Martinez

                      Bruni 'correctly' awarded 2 stars to Scott Conant for Alto, it has been excluded. I loved Scott’s cooking at L’impero as well as Alto. Maybe the NO* is the reason he left the restaurants?

                      The Spotted Pig got one! I like it there, but a Michilin rated resto in the same category with Joel Robuchon? No way! The little stools at the Pig's tables make you feel like you are one of the 7 dwarfs dining with Snow White. Gnudies are outstanding though!

                    2. haven't been to manhattan in 2 years, but am curious as to whether anyone thinks aquavit would deserve a star, based on current form

                      1. Tom Colichio lost a star. That's real sad; it's probably due to him opening up the bew Craft in LA and not having enough time to check up or something.

                        1. Didn't Devi just close and reopen under new ownership? I wonder how that affects things and if they still deserve their star...

                          Some of the places under the Bib Gourmand are so out of date and looks like they were put in their by old timers who haven't been around NY for a long time. And some places seem like they're in there just because of spoken reputation. This entire guide is tacky and menial. What a waste of paper.

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                          1. re: bluishgnome

                            Devi has not re-opened yet. However, since the guide surely went to press while Devi was still open, there would be no way for it to do anything about the closure. However, since the same co-executive chefs, Suvir Saran and Hemant Mathur, are the new owners, one presumes the quality of the cuisine will remain worthy of the star the restaurant received.

                            Btw, the chefs at Veritas (Scott Bryan) and Cafe Boulud (Bertrand Chemel) have just left. Nothing Michelin can do about that kind of situation either. At this point, it remains to be seen if those restaurants will continue to deserve the one-star rating. My guess is that Cafe Boulud will because I've read that Daniel Boulud has a very strong kitchen "bench" and will probably promote from within. (Chemel was promoted after Carmellini left.) The new chef at Veritas is, I believe, Ed Cotton, whom I'm not familiar with. As a fan of Veritas, I'll be very interested to see what he does with the cuisine.

                            As I said in my previous post, the omission of Eleven Madison Park is the best indication how *totally useless* Michelin ratings are.

                          2. The Michelin NYC guide is unreadable. Of no help at all to anyone who might have an interest in dining in New York City.