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Oct 8, 2007 05:25 AM

Homura An

I just read that Homura An is closed? Does anybody know when and why? Thanks, I loved that place.

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  1. owner retired and moved back to japan...happened a while ago

    go to soba koh...i think its better than honmura an (although i liked honmura an alot)

    1. I believe it closed sometime in February, because the owner was retiring.

      1. I loved that place too and though not quite as good Sobaya in the east village has some great soba noodles.

        1. Although the owner retired, the original chef (i believe) is now working in 15 East and is solely responsible for the soba dishes there. However, the price is now twice or 3 times more expensive than Homura An's.

          1. yeah, it's still sitting untouched (or so it appears) and there's a note in the window that says something like "thanks.... see you at tokyo roponggi"