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Oct 7, 2007 11:33 PM

Mendocino dining

Where to have dinner in Mendocino, where we'll be in a few week's time? We miss the "old" Cafe Beaujolais, haven't been since it changed hands. How is it now, really? Where else to try? Nothing over-done, fussy--just good seasonal, local fare.

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  1. I love having dinner on the glassed-in porch at the MacCallum House.

    1. We ate at Cafe Beujolais a little over a year ago. It was wonderful. I don't recall what dishes we had--but a warm, welcoming experience. The wine list is well thought out, with many interesting Mendocino area wines. We had a bottle of 2004 Mc Phail Pinot Noir, Toulouse Vineyard, which really opened our eyes to pinots from the area.

      That being said, for one dinner I would choose the Moose Cafe. Very warm and friendly, with a homey atmosphere. On a cold September evening the fish stew with some great wine was perfect.

      1. Try the Mendocino Café. Had lunch there this weekend and it was great. I had a Mojado Burrito. Not authentic Mexican food, but well prepared and it tastes great. They produce consistently good food. I’ve always walked away happy with my meal. They have an emphasis on local producers for their vendors, and much of their food is organic. It’s not all pseudo-Mexican either, there are lots of Thai inspired things too. Nice atmosphere. Very relaxed and casual. It’s an old house that’s been turned into a restaurant. It’s nice to because it is in town and within walking distance of lots of shops and places to stay.

        Mendocino Café
        10451 Lansing ST.
        Mendocino, CA. 95460

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          I love the Mendocino Cafe.

          My honey is a clam chowder nut and loves their chowder best.

          I had a seared ahi there once that was so good.

          We eat there multiple times when we visit Mendocino.