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Oct 7, 2007 10:46 PM

I love chung king, but my parents can't eat spicy. What is good there that is not super spicy?

I love all the spicy stuff at Chung King. But my parents can't handle that kind of stuff. They are taking me and my friends there, so we are good, but i need to know what to recommend to them. What is good there that is not super spicy?

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  1. As someone who goes to Chung King regularly with teenaged chile-haters, the smoked chicken, the seaweed and the fried peanuts with anchovies from the cold table are always good, the sizzling rice is delicious and bland, and the stir-fried larou with leeks is pretty mild. You must, however, get the fried chicken, the mapo tofu, the water-boiled pork, etc for yourself.

    1. There are very few dishes there that are non-spicy that they excel at, unfortunately. You're going to Chung King - they specialize in wonderful spicy Chinese food - so asking for only non-spicy stuff is stretching it a bit (BTW, asking for "small spice" (Hsiao Lah) is worthless: their chefs will still make the dishes well beyond the normal "light spicy" range, heh).

      If they can't eat spicy food, why not skip Chung King and go to any of the nearby Chinese restaurants that don't focus on spicy food, that are in abundance across the San Gabriel Valley? (Shanghai or Beijing or Cantonese style food, etc.) Just a thought.

      1. I think the tofu gan dish is great, as well as the dish called something like "Chinese bacon with leeks." (This must be the larou dish that condiment is referring to.) Not a touch of spiciness in either one.

        They also will have seasonable vegetable dishes that you can ask about. Last time I was there, they had some terrific green beans that were flavored with pickled vegetables. Enjoy.

        1. The fish-flavored eggplant and fish-flavored pork are very tasty. There is also a lamb dish without chilis that is good. All of the meats on the cold counter would work as well as the cucumbers.

          1. The house tofu is tasty and moderately spiced -- there's some heat but nothing to compare with the fried chicken. The green beans with sichuan pickled veggies and ground pork are also very good.