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Hi. I am being treated for my 35th Birthday and the only requisite my partner posed was that it be a new place for me. That said, I was thinking maybe of a nice place that is not French or Italian, the truth is, I am confused and don’t know what to decide. I’ve been to Le Bernardin, Gramercy Tavern, Babbo, Daniel, Fleur de Sel, Craft, Aureole, Peter Luger, Pichouline, Café Boulud…maybe others but those are the ones that come to mind, so I’m not going to any of those places. It does not have to be a high end restaurant, I just want GREAT food. I love greek food but I think I’ve been to the nicest greeks in town….There is no a single cuisine I dislike and I need to choose. What about Sushi Yasuda? I know, I am all over the place, I do not know how to begin thinking which cuisine will I want. What about EMP? (Ok, french/American is back in the game…). Maybe the best option would be to have the best interesting/creative/unfamiliar meal I could have in the city. Any suggestions?

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  1. Sushi Yasuda is wonderful. Two other places I've enjoyed lately are Alto and Annisa.

      1. Hey, Joshua,

        Regulars on this board know I'm a huge fan of EMP. If you haven't been there since Chef Daniel Humm took over the kitchen last year, then in my view, it's a great choice for a celebratory meal.

        Happy Birthday and Bon Appetit!

        1. For French - Per Se, Jean Georges, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, or EMP
          For Italian - Del Posto, Insieme
          For Japanese - Masa (if you want to go all out), Morimoto's omakase, Sushi Yasuda

          1. You probably accidentally left this one off your list but just in case you didn't, I highly recommend that with the list you have going, you will also love Gotham Bar & Grill.
            Asiate at the top of the Mandarin Oriental is also an interesting experience in dining, unusual in that it is a combination of French and Japanese.

            1. ok, thanks, yes i know RGR recommends EMP so im thinking maybe EMP or S.Yasuda. but still have doubts. What about those chinese or japanese fusion places like Buddakan or Morimoto? I remember Buddakan having mixed reviews here a while ago, but something interesting along those lines maybe? Are they worth the visit, considering is a bday present? I also thought about a chinese place. What about Our Place?

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                Buddakan and Morimoto are not that special at all. Both absolutely different... Buddakan not outrageously expensive, NOT outrageous food, but outrageous decor.

                Morimoto is just too overpriced for what it is.

                I love Megu, in Tribeca. I think its pretty incredible. Still pretty expensive, but great service in my opinion al times I've been there and really special food.

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                  Morimoto doesn't have much special food on the regular menu, and that's why I specifically mentioned that it has to be the omakase (the one that is $200, not the $120 chef tasting which was indeed overpriced and mediocre). The omakase though was quite extraordinary.

                  I went there a few times when it first opened, so not sure if they are able to maintain the quality. I actually think that Megu was overpriced - their signature wagyu beef was really of average quality. Decor, however, is magnificent (in a scene-y way)

              2. FIRST see where you can get a reservation! For Japanese/sushi i just went to Sakagura-right across the street from Sushi Yasuda. It was wonderful-u can get sushi or many other cooked items that are GREAT!!!! and Happy Birthday!!

                1. Maybe not for your birthday, but because you mentioned Greek have you tried Pylos? Also, def skip Buddakan and Morimoto. I love Little Owl and now their new Market Table.

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                    thanks...still thinking where to go. morimoto is out, then. yes, i do like pylos but i go there often so it ouf my partner's present rules.

                  2. Have you been to Anthos yet? I have only been for lunch, but the food is fantastic. Really good upscale Greek with super fresh ingredients.

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                      hmmm...Nope, i haven't been yet. thanks for the suggestion. I was trying to decide between EMP or Sushi Yasuda...still thinking...

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                        Just out of curiosity: Is there a difference in terms of price? Isn't EMP more expensive? of course it depends on what you eat at Yasuda since EMP has a pre- fixe...I would think EMP will be more expensive in general terms. Am I wrong?