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Oct 7, 2007 09:52 PM

The Kings of Food?

Hi There,

I'm an illustration student doing a series of paintings depicting the "Kings and Queens" of traditional food in NYC. Basically, people who still make food on-site, by hand, in traditional ways.

So far i'm painting Sikorski (the Polish butcher shop in Greenpoint), Roccos (hand-piped canolli in Greenwich Village). I was thinking Guss' Pickles ? Junior's Cheescake?

The thing is, the person needs to be alive, so I can go and talk with them, and take their picture (the King or Queen who I will paint ) ... so Juniors Cheescake may not work .. is there still a "Junior?"

I need some more. Any suggestions? A Bagel King, a Bread Queen ?


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    1. there are two kings of pork in greenwch village: ottomanelli and faicco.

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        King of Pork? Sounds good. Are these guys butchers? What do they make (by hand in traditional ways)


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          Ottomanelli, Barny Greengrass, Russ & Daughters, Alleva, DiPaulo . . the old shops of NYC. These are where you will find the kings and queens of NYC. Places where families have shopped for years and years and generations.

          Check out the book " The Historic Shops & Restaurants of New York."

        2. You mentioned Guss, but there's also The Pickle Guys on Essex:

          And maybe a Chinese dumpling place, or Soba-koh?

          1. How about Yonah Schimmel's Knishes? Yonah is not alive, but the current owner, Alex Volfman, still makes them by hand. (In Arthur Schwartz's "New York City Food," there's a picture of Volfman holding a tray of knishes on P. 145.)

            Another possibility is Kossar's Bialys. Acc. to their website, they're the oldest bialy bakery in the US. (Opened in 1927.) I have no idea who owns it, but the bialys are hand-made -- and delicious!

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              Great idea! I went there today and met his daughter. Thanks!

            2. How about Dominick of DiFara's pizza in Brooklyn?

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                Great! I was wondering which Pizza King I should focus on. Thanks!