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Oct 7, 2007 09:33 PM

3 girls in Napa

We are headed to Napa at the end of October. We are going sans spouses and are looking for some places to go out to dinner/drinks that are age appropriate (early 30's), somewhat fun and nothing that will break the bank. I would say no more than $80-100 per person with drinks.

I've been looking around the boards and found the following places that seem interesting.

martini house - st helena
cindys backstreet
Bouchon - Yountville
Gordon's café and wine bar
Redd- yountville
Zuzu for drinks

What do we think of these? And are there any other suggestions you have?

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  1. Gordon's is closed. Zuzu has a tiny bar and they serve only beer/wine. You may enjoy Bounty Hunter in Napa around the corner on First St. Only wine and simple food, but the atmosphere may be more conducive to sitting and tasting. I had terrific food at Ubuntu on Main St. a few weeks ago. They do have a physical bar, but I don't know if they serve hard liquor or just beer/wine. Otherwise, you have a good list.

    1. Yeah... Bounty Hunter for wine and simple food. Absolutely.

      All of those restaurants... it depends what your 'drinks' expectaion is. But Cindy's Backstreet is great and unless you are ordering lots of wine, or very expensive wine, you will come in easily at budget. Martini House is great, too. A bit more expensive, but worth it I would say.

      Buchon and Terra are also good choices, although I may not rank them as highly. Redd, I believe, may be a bit high in terms of price, but I'm not certain.

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        I 3rd Bounty Hunter. Good atmosphere for your group, great by the glass wine list and very good food for a budget. Their beer can chicken is great, but so is their smoked salmon salad, which they smoke on site most of the time. Parking in downtown Napa sucks now due to many construction projects, but you'll manage.

      2. Where are you staying? Terra will break the bank. Martini House is wonderful, but can be a bit pricey. Gordons is gone....ZuZu has dissapointed me the last few times I have been. The quality of food is just ok. There is a place in Calistoga called Wappo bar and grill, they have great outdoor patio....beautiful and fun. I had a nice bacholorette party there for a girlfriend and we had a great time, just ordered a bunch of things and shared and walked away with smiles due to the reasonable bill. You might want to try Ad HOc in Yountville, it is a TK restaurant with a reasonable pre fixe. Go Fish in St. Helena is fun for a group of girls. Get a bunch of sushi and share. It is owned by Cindy Pawlson who also owns Cindy's backstreet. I like go fish better. Tra Vigne is very good, nice the same there, order a bunch of plates and share.

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          These are all great recommendations. We are staying in St. Helena. Having read some of the reviews on Ad Hoc, I am intrigued. Have been to French Laundry before and am curious. I like the Wappo bar and grill idea as well. Thanks!

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            I had a similar outing with a couple of "girlfriends" and we ended up in the Wine Cellar at Martini house. It's more causal and more "fun" than the more formal upstairs -- almost a tavern atmosphere -- and you can order off both the upstairs menu and the special Cellar-only menu. That let us really tailor the meal to our tastes and price range.I'm not much for cocktails, but unlike a lot of places in the wine country that are understandably more wine-oriented, they take their cocktails seriously: we got a whole discourse on why my friend's (delicious) chocolate martini was clear and not brown!

            I wouldn't recommend Terra for that kind of outing -- it's a bit more staid and serious.

        2. Just got back this weekend.. Yes Terra.. quiet so I wouldnt do that.. Cindys would be great..We loved Martini House but that can be pricey.. The downstairs idea sounds good. Whatever you do be sure to have reservations!!!! Where are you staying in St Helena?? We stayed at the Wine Country Inn which was very nice..but interested in others..