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Oct 7, 2007 09:23 PM

Portland restaurants for an 18th birthday party?

I'm turning 18 in about a month and I am looking for a fun restaurant to celebrate my 18th birthday in Portland. Any suggestions are helpful. I am looking for a place that is family friendly and then a place where I can go with friends. Price doesnt really matter, and I am not a picky eater and willing to try just about anything. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Congrats in advance. My dear niece just turned 18 and has adventurous taste too.
    What do you mean by "family friendly"? High chairs? They tolerate little kids running around screaming? Kid's menu? Usually the most "family friendly" places aren't the most interesting or cutting edge when it comes to food.
    Please give us an example of kinds of food you enjoy.
    How large is your party? Do you want sedate quiet & dignified or hip loud & fun?

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      I was planning on going to two seperate places. One with my family and another night with just friends.

      For the family friendly place there would be two adults, one 13 year old and two 18 year olds. So possibly a more intimate place, but not a place that absolutly requiers a dress code such as suit and tie.

      Then for the night out with just friends, ages range from 19-17 and probably around 5-10 people. I think I'm heading towards more hip and fun for this outting.

      I enjoy food that ranges from Indian to Italian. Baisicly any sort of cusine I am willing to eat or try, even raw fish. I just don't know how well sushi would go over with my family and friends lol. I usualy like to go to southern style mexican restaurants that give off the homey feel in their dishes but I would like to try something different.

      Any sugestions are great and thanks for the help!

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        There's no such thing as a place in PDX requiring suit & tie!

        FIrst: Higgins, Paley's, Fenouil, Veritable Quandary or Wildwood.
        Second: Bluehour, Pok Pok (minors allowed until a certain hour so ask ahead), Vindalho (Indian!).

        Others to seriously consider: Le Pigeon or Carlyle.

    2. Look at the midscale Mexican places, like Autentica, La Calaca Comelona, DF, Nuestra Cocina, and Taqueria Nueve.


      1. Wow - 18 that is cool. A long time since I was 18.

        Someone already suggested Vindalho in SE Portland's Clinton neighborhood. They are one of my favorites so I am partial. A nice feature though for your gathering is that they have a mezzanine that hangs above the open, loftlike space. It is an ideal location for small parties - you get the benefits of a "private room" without feeling like your locked away from the action and energy of the dining room. They do take reservations if you're interested.

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          Also, if you do want privacy, VQ has a wine cellar.

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            Thanks for the tip, that sounds perfect!