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Oct 7, 2007 09:11 PM

Dim Sum in Boca (10-15 miles north or south,help me choose)

Hey, ive read about the following places for Dim Sum, but there hasn't been one that has gotten good reviews from people on here consistently....if anyone could help me narrow this list down, it'd be much appreciated.

Which ONE of these places should I go to?

China Pavillion
4663 Lake Worth Rd,
Greenacres, FL (NW corner of Lake Worth Rd and Military Rd)
(561) 963-1535

9819 South Military Trail
Boynton Beach, FL

China Dumpling
1899 N. Congress Ave. (Map)
Catalina Centre
Boynton Beach, FL

Grand Lakes (or Great Lakes, Golden Lakes...what is the name?)
7750 Okeechobee Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL

Silver Pond
4285 N. State Road 7,
Lauderdale Lakes

Out of these 4 places for dim sum, which should I make an effort to go to? They all seem to be really good judging from the reviews on here, but I want to make the best choice....any opinions/advice/recommendations are MUCH appreciated, help me out! thanks

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  1. Silver Pond is a great restaurant but I do not think they do dim sum. The really good places are in Miami such as South Garden which does the carts, or Kon Chau.

    China Dumpling is pretty good and they do the carts on the weekend.

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    1. re: Jenaclaree

      China Dumpling is overpriced and not authentic. One vote against it.

      1. re: lydiainflorida

        ^interesting, conflicting views already, care to shed some light on why china dumpling isnt authentic?

        yeah i know some of the better ones in Miami, but since im up here, id prefer ones in palm beach/broward county.

    2. Anymore opinions??? Im going to go to one of these places tomorrow so please anymore help would be great!

      1. ruckus, just relaying a prior thread. I have not made it to Toa Toa yet. It appears that Silver Pond does not do Dim Sum.

        1. I`ve been to all the mentioned establishments for DimSum. All were ok and some were very good.Just avoid the 60 min. drive south to Bird RD in SO Miami to Tropical Restaurant. Everything there (despite rave reviews???) is both over priced an mostly served cold or room temperature despite the fact that Dim Sum entrees are offered off of steam heated pushcarts...go figure? The Dim Sum restaurants mentioned here in Palm Beach County are much better..period. Not Chinatown, like Boston, New York, or Montreal, but very good for SO FL.
          Silver Pond...very good. Most authentic Chinese food in all of SO FL. No Dim Sum but they have a strickly Chinese menue for ethnic Chinese and another for non-Chinese patrons that is almost as authentic. Long waits especially on weekend but worth it so long as your not looking for Chicken Wings Terriaki Sticks, Chow Mein and other American styled dishes.
          Grand Lake has only been open for a couple of years and is located in a strip mall. Very clean and friendly staff. Push Cart service on week-ends. Large variety of Dim Sum entrees. Excellent taste and moderately priced. Reccommend!
          China Dumpling has been open for almost 10 years now. Push cart service on weekends. Large variety of Dim Sum entrees all prepared in open glassed in kitchen. Spotless prep and dining room as well! Food quality very good and moderately priced. Reccommend!
          China Pavillion a hard to find whole in the wall in a non-descript strip mall. New ownership I beleive in the last few years. Only Chinese Restaurant in area that I know of that offers REAL Chinese BBQ offerings hung in glass display case in front of restaurant. Pig, Chicken,Duck, and other offerings are there for both eat in or take out by the pound. Dim Sum with push cart service on weekends. Limited variety but will prepare to order any requested Dim Sum item to order if not found on cart. Service is very friendly and priced moderately. Reccommend!
          Kingsbury..New ownership took over 2 years or so ago. Dim Sum offered by selection on table Dim Sum menue card. Its been at least 6 years and under previous ownship. Average prices I recall..good service. I`d give it a try.

          1. I've been to all of them, but I only recommend Grand Lake and Silver Pond, even though SP is not dim sum. The others are overrated.

            ruckus_bringer, did you end up trying any of these places?