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Oct 7, 2007 09:03 PM

Casual North Beach Italian?

A girlfriend and I are planning a long weekend in the City later this month; I've never been and we want to do some of the basic tourist stuff, mixed with some good food. We are doing the Alcatraz night tour on Thursday, and thought we'd hit North Beach for some good, but casual, Italian food, as we will be in walking shoes and fleece jackets, no doubt. But not a pizza joint. I like the menu at Rose Pistola, but am not sure how casual we can dress there. I live in Seattle, and jeans and fleece are ok EVERYwhere in this town, so I never know...

Anyway, would welcome your suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. L'Osteria del Forno. Chances are, it is very much not what you mean by "pizza joint" -- (The pizzas are incredible, though) The pork roast is $13 and the best of its kind I can recall having. The apps are also great.

    Check out the menu here:

    1. Jeans & Fleece are OK just about anywhere in North Beach. Italian restaurants to consider include:

      Panta Rei
      Trattoria Contadina
      Osteria del Forno
      Da Flore