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Oct 7, 2007 08:53 PM

Steak and mushroom pie -- Dallas

My British spouse is looking for steak and mushroom pie (or steak and kidney). I'm thinking a pub, but there are so many bad ones out there that I thought I'd ask for a recommendation.

North Dallas/Plano/Richardson, etc. area preferred. Thanks!

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  1. don't know what they have in the store, but maybe a homecoming of sorts for your spouse...

    1. Gourmet Foods for U. (972) 867-7425 | 6869 Frankford Rd, Dallas TX 75252
      The have freezer cases full of those pies. The crusts are very good for frozen pies - very light and flaky. I like the steak and mushroom, but the mashed potato/onion ones take an aquired taste.

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        Alas, I visited Gourmet Foods for U today and not only did they not have freezers full of the pies, they had no pies at all, and the place was full of expired and nearly expired food. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I did see the steak and kidney pies at Central Market; may give those a try.

      2. you can also check Central Market for frozen pies - I've seen a selection of products from the UK in the freezer case there (next to the frozen Indian, Asian and other imported items). I don't specifically know about steak and mushroom, though.

        1. Sadly the store on Lower Greenville was the spot you're looking for. Now that they have closed your best bet is Gourmet Foods for U. It is a small privately owned store with foods from England and South Africa. I would stop by and see what they have to offer before heading to a corporate place like CM. I go there a lot, but for this try the specialty store.

          1. The British Food Store in Grapevine carries a line made in Florida. Sprouts has a steak and mushroom pie that is made specifically for them and much better IMHO.