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build your own burger restaurant

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I used to live in Seattle and reciently moved to Washington DC where they have the restaurant Fuddruckers. There used to be a build your own burger place in the seattle area but I can not remember the name of it to save my life. Does anyone out there remember this? Thanks for the help it has been consuming me.

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  1. Red Robin? I don't think they were ever build your own but the burger menu is huge and they are a Seattle original.

    1. There's a nice little place on The Ave called "Burger Joint" or "Burger Place" that does something like this. They give you a little checklist when you walk in the door.

      Nothing particularly fancy, but it's a solid burger.
      Definitely solid chow.

      1. There used to be Flakey Jake's, but they have been out of business for many years now.

        1. I think Roo got it right - Flakey Jake's.

          1. Do you mean Fatburger? That place reminds me of Fuddruckers.

            1. I think the place you're thinking about was called Herfy's?.... It started in Seattle and was very popular in 80's and early 90's. Leon Gardner (sp?) was the owner and built Herfy's into a chain of about 7 restaurants and then was bought out by Campbell's soup, which proceeded to screw it up to the point where there are no more Herfy's. They were FAMOUS for their self service condiment bar which had any kind of topping you could imagine for your burger. Hope that helps.

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                Actually, there ARE still Herfy's - I'm not sure how they compare to the Herfy's that you remember - but they are either still around, or back - and they have about 13 or 14 restaurants spread around Puget Sound - After doing a bit of googling, it appears that the original chain closed as you mentioned but the name and logo has been resurrected and the menu expanded a little bit.

                At any rate, as far as burger joints go, they are pretty good.

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                  Yeah, as you might expect, the new Herfy's aren't as good...

              2. How far back are you thinking?
                Original Ellen's in Issaquah (70's-80's) had a build your own burger of legendary selection.