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Oct 7, 2007 08:41 PM

build your own burger restaurant

I used to live in Seattle and reciently moved to Washington DC where they have the restaurant Fuddruckers. There used to be a build your own burger place in the seattle area but I can not remember the name of it to save my life. Does anyone out there remember this? Thanks for the help it has been consuming me.

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  1. Red Robin? I don't think they were ever build your own but the burger menu is huge and they are a Seattle original.

    1. There's a nice little place on The Ave called "Burger Joint" or "Burger Place" that does something like this. They give you a little checklist when you walk in the door.

      Nothing particularly fancy, but it's a solid burger.
      Definitely solid chow.

      1. There used to be Flakey Jake's, but they have been out of business for many years now.

        1. I think Roo got it right - Flakey Jake's.

          1. Do you mean Fatburger? That place reminds me of Fuddruckers.