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Oct 7, 2007 08:02 PM

Best Chinese delivery in West Hollywood?

I'm curious to know what the consensus is on the best Chinese delivery in West Hollywood. So far the only place that I think qualifies as truly good is Hunan Cafe, but that woman is just so hostile sometimes...

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  1. You might be able to get Genghis Cohen to deliver, if you're on the east side of WeHo. West Hollywood is pretty much a desert for any kind of quality ethnic food, other than Russian, honestly... and the general consensus about Chinese food west of the 101 is "only when absolutely unavoidable", the exception being BBQ Unlimited #2, which is just barely west of the 101 on Melrose.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      I tried ordering a delivery from Genghis Cohen a few weeks ago, and they don't do it. They contract out for their deliveries, and I was told to call another number to arrange it. There's a fee, of course...can't remember how much. I didn't bother.

      1. re: katydid13

        I love Hunan, but I know exactly what you are talking about. Luckily, she's only gone mental on us once, but I've heard stories...I don't know of any other good Chinese in the area.

    2. Kung Pao Bistro, Santa Monica and Fairfax?

      I've only had it once, delivered to a party I was attending and it was not bad. I asked the host where the food came from and he gave me a: KP bistro. duh, everybody orders from there - response.

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      1. re: ahuacatl

        Thanks ahuactl. I ordered once from KP Bistro and found it unimpressive, but I'll try it again. Anything to avoid Rice. Mandarette on Beverly delivers and is not your traditional Chinese delivery food, but it's edible. Only problem is the high prices.

        I don't think they'd deliver to me, but anyone else like Twin Dragon? I know there are haters out there, but I think it delivers for traditional, basic americanized Chinese food.

        I also like Hop Woo on Olympic and Sepulveda.

        1. re: thegrifter

          I once ordered from a place in the Beverly Connection (can't remember the name)...but it was acceptable.

          1. re: thegrifter

            Mao's Kitchen just left a delivery flier at our door. I think they are in the old Tommy Tang space way over on Melrose. I've eaten at the Venice location a few times and I think with the reasonable prices, I'll have to give them a try. I don't know how far west they deliver, I'm actually surprised that they will come as far us.

            thegrifter - we used to order from Rice, many years ago, but we stopped after one of their delivery guys sued us (you don't want to know, but my advice is; carry out can save you a lot more money/time than you might imagine).

            Also - as bad (or overpriced) as the Chinese in WeHo might be, I had Hamburger Hamlet the other day and I would eat WeHo Chinese every day for 100 years before going back. What a disaster that was.

            1. re: ahuacatl

              The delivery guy sued you? Are you Elaine Benes?

              1. re: wutzizname

                Ha. Not Elaine, but yes he sued. It took years to resolve, many, many days wasted with lawyers, lots of hand-wringing and he was awarded nothing. If you are a homeowner or have any assets, you might not want food delivered to your house.

                1. re: ahuacatl

                  wow, I've never had any sort of problem with Rice. They're super fast, I don't think they have a delivery charge or a minimum order amount. And the food is actually pretty good! But if you're looking for a good eggroll, believe it or not, Natalee Thai is one of my favorites (and they deliver too!)

                  1. re: hdalsy

                    We were regular customers of theirs for many, many years. I agree, tasty food and quick. I'm not going to expand on the 'incident', but I'll never order from them or eat there again. It was the driver, not the restaurant, but it kinda ruined it for us. I'll repeat, millions of dollars, lawyers, days & days wasted.

              2. re: ahuacatl

                Mao's on Melrose in AMAZING! It's my favorite Chinese food hands down. I've gotten delivery a few times and never had a problem. They'll even deliver their home made ginger ale.

            2. re: ahuacatl

              Ugh. I don't like Kung Pao. It's nasty!

              Chinese in WeHo is pretty bad all around, but if I were FORCED to do Chinese in the area, I would only trust Mandarette on Beverly.

            3. hunan cafe on Sunset in the same mini mall as gaucho grill.

              excellent new york style chinese food.

              also mao's kitchen on melrose has some tasty dishes.

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              1. re: ebbso

                the important question is...does hunan cafe do authentic new york style EGG ROLLS?

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  The NY eggroll quest has been done and redone, much of it by Das Ubergeek and me:

                  See links:

                  The bottom line is that Genghis Cohen is really the closest I've found (though hardly a steller representation of the breed)... though I have not tried Das Ubergeek's China Village find in Fullerton.

                  Be wary of those non-NY native chowhounds who, though well intended, would lead you to inferior approximations. Case in point: the highly recommended 'eggrolls' at Canton Kitchen in Mar Vista which turned out to be basically a batter dipped deep fried meatball. It was actually pretty tasty, but definitely not at all what you and I are looking for.

                  Mr Taster
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                  1. re: Mr Taster

                    It's true that Genghis Cohen's are New York-like in style, however I have found them to have an overwhelming ONION flavor to them which was very unappealing.

                    1. re: Mr Taster


                      i know, i've read all the other threads before...but i couldn't remember if hunan cafe had already been discussed, and i just didn't hve the patience to read through them again.

                      thx for confirming - i remembered that you said genghis cohen was the closest approximation.

                      i'm headed to north jersey & nyc in a couple of weeks...want me to bring you guys back a care package?


                    2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      NO!!!! We ordered from Hunan Cafe tonight --- the food was pretty tasty, but the egg rolls were definitely not NY style.

                        1. re: Obessed

                          Hunan Cafe does have fairly good cold sesame noodles but not NY egg rolls.

                    3. Try Le Mandarette at 1651 N La Brea ave.,between Hollywood and Sunset.
                      Call 323-878-0333 for delivery.

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                      1. re: hawjack

                        I agree...I live up the street from here so delivery for me is easy, but I used to live in WeHo and the Le Mandarette delivery area is pretty wide--they will deliver to pretty much anywhere east of La Cienega in WeHo and anywhere north of Melrose.

                      2. I like Wok Master on Beverly.