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Oct 7, 2007 07:53 PM

Legal Seafood at Lunch Sunday

Against my better judgement I ordered the fried clams, after interogating the waiter re whole belly clams, etc. They weren't bad, but they weren't soft and heavenly tasting either. Kinda dry. However, the Rhode Island red clam chowder was tasty indeed, even if not loaded with clam. The cole slaw and baked potato with my clams were top notch though. My friend loved her Caesar Salad with crabmeat. Service was lovely; decaf coffee for me and decaf black tea were excellent.

Reasonable prices for quality food: $12.95 for my friend's salad; $13.95 for my platter. I'd go again, and order the lobster roll at $20.95 instead. Quiet, great for conversation, which is what we wanted most of all. It was a good choice.

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  1. awe, next time get the crab soup! i've been to this place for all too many business dinners, and i swear up and down it is the best thing on the menu!!

    thanks for reporting back :)

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    1. re: rabidog

      I didn't forget what you said, rabidog; I just chickened out. Next time! So, how is their lobster roll?

      1. re: Bashful3

        so bashful, where did you end up on Saturday?

        1. re: Bigley9

          Guess you missed my post, Bigley. We went to Pizzicato on the corner of 3rd and Market. Ambience was nice, and my friend loved her salad, but neither my crab/corn soup nor wide noodles in mushroom sauce were particularly good. My fault though to have eaten Italian so soon after returning from Italy. Our Italian food always pales by comparison. Next time I would have walked a little further and gone to the Seafood place on Chestnut and 2nd. But, we had a great "shop" and my friend bought a garbage can at Fosters that pleased her no end!

          1. re: Bashful3

            hmmm, i've been wondering if they're any good! (pizzicato) glad you found something for lunch!

            i'm not a big lobster fan, personally. i don't eat seafood too terribly often, but i usually stick with the fishes. last time i was there, they had a tuna 3 or 4 ways dish that was pretty good, though - that's about as experimental as i've gotten with seafood! :)

            1. re: rabidog

              Comments on the Board led me to think they were better than they turned out to be. But, when conversation with a friend is more important than the food, it was just right.