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Any Bar recs in Downtown LA?

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preferably not too loud, mellow and definately not 'Hollywood' sceney. Bar foods are a plus but not necessary.

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  1. Redwood Bar & Grill. Dark and clubby feel. Good burger and Fish & Chips.

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      I love Redwood but beware, on Friday and Saturday nights there is a D.J. starting at around 10 and the vibe quickly changes from mellow neighborhood bar to loud dance party. Fun though better than any place in Hollywood IMO.

    2. Library Bar (6th and Hope) also dark, not loud, and food from the neighboring Wolfgang Puck Express can be delivered to you in the bar.

      Weiland's Brewery (1st and Central) not too loud and definitely not 'Hollywood scenery'

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        I agree with Library, but Weiland's on a weekend at least is full of frat boy types, very noisy and raucous and not at all mellow. Maybe it's different on a weeknight...the garlic fries were sort of good, but sort of icky at the same time.

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          I, too, like the Library Bar and while it is dark (luv it) it can most definitely get quite LOUD there at times. That being said, great barkeeps and drinks at The Library Bar.

          But, if you like Weiland's, what about the new location underneath City National Bank Building (fka Arco Towers). I've only walked by "WBR Underground" recently on an afternoon walk and it looks great. BTW, whatever the CNB "underground" area is called now they've done a fine job on the remodel.

          505 S Flower Street, Suite B-410
          Los Angeles 90071
          OPEN 7 DAYS!
          MON - FRI 11AM - 2AM
          SAT - SUN 5PM - 2AM

      2. I enjoyed the Mountain in Chinatown a little while back... fun, mellow, unpretentious.

        475 Gin Ling Way, Los Angeles, CA 90012

        1. Casey's Bar
          613 S. Grand Ave.
          Los Angeles, CA
          213 629 2353

          1. If you want a wine bar ... 626 Reserve.


            1. You probably want to stay out of any of the Cedd Moses/213 Ventures bars, meaning no to Broadway Bar, The Golden Gopher, or Seven Grand. They can be mellow depending on the hour you arrive, but the juke box gets jacked up, the crowd gets boisterous, and it gets to be very much a scene, especially depending on the day of the week (weekends are more scene than weeknights) and hour (after 9:00 is more of a scene than before) - well, maybe except for Broadway Bar, which is just sad. The same holds true for the Redwood, the Edison (which comes complete with a velvet rope), and Bar 107.

              Library Bar is very relaxed, a more grown-up alternative to other bars in Downtown. It's also rather small, so finding a seat on the weekends and especially at its very popular happy hour (when large office groups will call ahead and reserve huge chunks of seating) can be difficult. The roof of The Standard became tedious and sad years ago, full of gross businessmen trying to score some strange on their business trips or revellers from Montebello or Whittier in their best Forever 21 couture, pretending to be cosmopolitan with their Cosmopolitans. But the seating in the lobby is relaxed and low-key, aside from the somewhat loud music. Maybe try for seating around the outdoor fire pit. The Veranda Bar at the Figueroa Hotel is always one of my favorite stops around early evening, with no music or hipsters, just a laid-back vibe in the open-air, faux-Moroccan atmosphere.

              Library Bar
              630 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

              Veranda Bar at the Figueroa Hotel
              939 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

              1. I enjoy Bar 107, but it's more of a dive than any place mentioned so far. It's not usually loud when I'm there, but then again, I'm rarely there after 9. Cheap beer and bartenders with attitude.

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                  Bar 107 can turn quickly into a rock venue when they plug in the visiting bands. I arranged to meet friends there one evening, and it suddenly went from low-key to blaring, and the few friends who didn't get in before the appointed time (9:00, I believe) were forced to pay a $5 cover for entrance.

                  1. re: Woolsey

                    Yikes. Cover for 107? I'd never go in there if I had to pay cover. I went in once and they were playing hip hop in that little dance room, but the noise was at normal bar levels in the barroom and the patio was quiet. Sorry to hear that.

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                      It happens more on the weekends. Another reason why one should do one's drinking on weeknights instead.

                2. the bar at the millenium biltmore.

                  1. Seven Grand. Cool, very laid back, there are some pool tables too. They specialize in scotches/whiskey. Casey's will deliver food from a small menu.

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                      You couldn't fly me down to downtown before Seven Grand opened up. Now I cab it down every week. Best bar in the city. Best bartenders, best drinks, best everything.*

                      *as long as you love whisky

                      1. re: sloanedone

                        You don't have to love whiskey; they make plenty of great non-whiskey drinks, too. I have a friend who loves the place and hates whiskey. She's addicted to their Ramos gin fizzes there.

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                          Oh, I forgot. Seven Grand oldest beer in town. They have some sort of tap delivery that removes the nitrogen or something to give it a better pour. All I know is that it's the best Blue Moon I've ever had.

                          1. re: sloanedone

                            REOVES nitrogen? Most taps sort add some sort of fizziness or there is co2 in the keg. Stouts often have to be poured from a system that adds nitrogen.

                            Or do you mean a beer engine/cask, which is generally flatter?

                            1. re: Diana

                              It blends and regulates nitrogen and CO2 to make the perfect blend for each beer. Look up the Nitrogenator.

                    2. Is the bar/beer gardenon top of the New Otani still open? That's nice

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                        I'm looking for a place downtown this sounds nice i've been there for brunch I didn't know they had a bar above the resteraunt??

                      2. Checkers has a nice attractive bar. I also think you would like the Broadway Bar which is very beautiful or the Gallery Bar at the Biltmore is classy and elegant.

                        1. There's a bar in the Toy Factory Lofts called Royal Clayton's. Best bar food in Downtown and great atmosphere.