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Oct 7, 2007 07:25 PM

lunch upper west side tomorrow!

meeting old friend from "out of town" manana on Bway and W 80th for lunch . looking for great food, preferably good lunch special we are not yuppies or anything like that . thanks

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  1. Land which is great Thai is very good and not to pricey-on 82nd/Amsterdam. Fairway does a good lunch on 74th/Broadway. Nice Matin a little more yupppish but is quite nice for lunch is on 79th/Amsterdam.

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      I was going to suggest Nice Matin as well but wasn't sure about the yuppy factor. Really enjoyed a late lunch there this summer - the food was v. good - don't quite remember what we ate, and it didn't strike me as particularly yuppy, but it might others with more sensitive radars!

    2. La Fortuna -- a charming little place at 71st & Columbus -- has a delightful little garden in the back.
      I found their chicken salad to be the best ever!
      Great place for friend lunches.

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        Cafe La fortuna is adorable, with a lot of ambiance -- John Lennon used to go there often, and I think there are lots of pictures, and stuff from opera singers and stuff like that. From what I remember, the food is pretty good basic Italian cafe stuff -- salads, panini, I remember a french bread pizza I got once was good. The best things, however, are their desserts and coffee drinks -- frozen cappucino to die for! Since it will be 80 degrees tomorrow, I say go.

        If you're looking for something more upscale and restauranty, there is Ocean on Columbus and 80th, which will be pricy b/c it's seafood (and the neighborhood), but very nice seating outside as well, delicious raw bar, strong drinks. Also, on the corner of 78th and Columbus is Isabella's, which is more American food, nice outdoor seating, food is very good if overpriced, a very lovely lunch experience (and they're on the side of the block where you will likely get the sun when you go). I think both Ocean and Isabella's are B.R. Guest restaurants, just Google them. Finally, Pappardelle on Columbus and 76th (I think) also has outdoor seating, is good Italian food from what I remember, though also a little pricy.

      2. Thai Market on Amsterdam and 107th has excellent food--for dinner, at least. I noticed the other day that they have a $7 lunch special. If their food at lunch is as good as it is at dinner, this is quite a bargain.

        Closer to where you are, Hampton Chutney on 82nd and Amsterdam is a tasty, if not entirely authentic, option. People debate about whether the dosas are actually worth $8 a pop. To me, they are, but I've had a while to get used to Manhattan pricing.