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Oct 7, 2007 07:17 PM

Mortons or Ruth Chris? [Moved from New England board]

Curious what everyone thinks is the better place for an Anniversary Dinner. I have heard Mortons is nicer, but that Ruth Chris is the better "value". Thoughts?

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  1. As you probably realize, the two are a bit different, and either one would be an excellent choice for a special dinner.

    With Morton's, you have a very upscale atmosphere and they bring the cuts of meat to your table for you to decide which you want. They have some interesting "rules" (they won't cook a filet well done, for instance), and the preparation of the food is immaculate. There's no hurry for you to quickly eat your meals and leave.

    Ruth's Chris is also excellent, but the atmosphere is a bit more casual than Morton's--Ruth's Chris is perfect for a typical business dinner and Morton's is better if you are really trying to impress a client.

    Both places are expensive, but Ruth's Chris would probably be a bit easier on your wallet. Either way, you can't go wrong (unless your significant other is a Vegan...!).

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      Thanks, Lar3ry! I am hoping to help my brother-in-law out with this one!

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        This report is very nice but here in Florida, I think the oppersite. Morton's is more casual then Ruth Chris, but I prefer Ruth Chris's because the meat taste better, the service is better, and the establishment is absolutely spotless.

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          My experience is limited to Ruth's Chris in Florida, Connecticut, and Ohio and Morton's in Ohio and Connecticut. My person preference is Ruth's as Morton's doesn't have french fries - so that implies the beef, service, and cost are essentially equivalent in my opinion. Also don't think you can go wrong at either.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I've been to 2 Ruth's Chris, NYC, and Long Island, and to Morton's in Chicago. I liked the steaks better at Ruth's, (I like the butter sizzle thing) and I liked the seafood better at Mortons. If I had a choice I would go to Ruth's Chris, I even liked it more then a recent visit to Keen's in NYC.

            1. definitely, Morton's. I cannot stand Ruth Chris - they overcooked my steak, blah. if there is a Del Frisco's near you, that would be better than either Mortons or Ruth Chris.

              1. I always opt for Morton's simply because I don't like the butter that Ruth's Chris uses.