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Oct 7, 2007 07:12 PM

HELP! Biz Trip to Greensboro, NC - Stuck near Airport, No Car!

Hi chowhound,

I am heading to Greensboro next week for a business trip. This is my first time to Greensboro. The tricky thing is that I will be staying close to the airport, and I don't have a car! Does that mean that I will be stuck in my hotel having ramen noodle? Oh no!

My friends in chowhound, could you please help me? what are my options? Are there chow-worthy places that I can go to nearby, may be by a short cab ride? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Nothing very close to the airport I'm afraid. Kernersville has a couple of BBQ places - Clark's and Prissy Polly's - that are within 5 miles or so.

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    1. re: brentk

      Thanks for the suggestion! I will see if I can grab a cab to check out these places!

      1. re: brentk

        Thumbs up for Clark's in Kernersville. It's located on a very unassuming stretch of road- Hwy 66 S between I-40 and Bus I-40. I do believe they're woodburners which is a plus.

        1. re: Chow Penguin

          I have only been to clarks one but was served cold,but tasty cue, on a stale bun. I would not want clarks to be a persons intro to nc cue

          1. re: quazi

            I have been several times and never had a problem. I always order a tray, however.

            1. re: brentk

              I once got a tray that included cold, obviously old hushpuppys at Clark's. They were quickly and gladly replaced with fresh, hot ones. Those folks are normally pretty consistent.

      2. not sure but are there any airport or hotel shuttles to downtown? Nothing good in the immediate area. If you can get downtown in the evenings you should be good for dinner and drinks. revival grill is not far away if you do a cab nor is bistro sofia

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        1. re: quazi

          Thanks for your suggestions! I will check with the hotel to see if there is any transportations to go downtown. I will be there for a few days, so I will try to visit the places you suggested! Thanks!

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            My daughter, something of a Chowhound herself, attends nearby Guilford College and reported having an excellent meal at Bistro Sofia recently.

            1. re: PeterB

              Yes, Bistro Sofia is excellent. I went there for my birthday in late August. Our local restaurant reviewer just went back and did a second review on it and gave it really great reviews - again- they offer a price fixe meal @ $25 before 6:00 I believe. Worth the trip if you can do it.