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Oct 7, 2007 06:52 PM

Pot pies !

I have a craving for pot pies (chicken, beef etc). I did a search on this board and it seems that Summerhill Market has good pot pies for sale. Are there other places that sell pot pies to bake at home?

I tried the chicken and leek pot pie at Mill St Brewery today. I found the flavour was good and it was meaty, however I prefer a more flaky crust. There were parts of the crust that were quite dense. What restaurants in GTA serve a tasty pot pie with a flaky crust?


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  1. There is a very fine butcher called "Carroll Meats(?)" at the Thornhill Farmers Market Fridays and Saturdays on Yonge Street. We used to buy very good scotch meat pies there and I seem to recall Melton Mobray and other meat pies as well.

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        =) Thanks!

        What about restaurants that serve a great pot pie? other than Mill St Brewery?

    1. Here is the link to the Star's review of pot pies in restaurants -

      Of the five restaurants reviewed, the chicken pot pie at Brassaii was deemed the best.

      Others reviewed included:
      Bier Markt -
      The Feathers Pub -
      The Rose and Crown -
      Far Niente -

      I know the Duke of York has chicken pot pie on its menu but I haven't tried it.

      461 King St. W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K7, CA

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        Was adding the other place links but accidently posted. Here they are -

        Duke Of York
        39 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1B2, CA

        Bier Market
        58 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

        962 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M4E1S7, CA

        Rose & Crown
        2335 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P2C8, CA

        Far Niente
        187 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5L 1G5, CA

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          Wow! thanks for all the info and links! =)

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            Oddly, I’ve had good experiences with the chicken pot pie at Loblaws, at St. Clair/Bathurst. Honestly, I won’t sit here and say it's the best pot pie I've ever eaten but for $8.99 you get a good sized fresh-made pie that will easily last a week in the fridge and be damn serviceable as lazy dinner and snack options for a little while. I've yet to try Summerhill Market’s pies, although on quick glance they did look yummy. But if you're looking to spend half the price of what Summerhill charges (and who knows, they could very well be worth the price, I don't know yet), you get a pretty solid pie. The crust is very tasty, with a great texture. Crimped uniform edges, not quite as rustic looking as Summerhill's lovely-looking crust, but pleasant-looking enough and very tasty, like I said. The filling is loaded with chicken, corn, a small dice of carrots, and what seemed liked canned peas. Oddly, the chicken was shredded, not in chunks, which I've never seen before but was actually not bad at all, and there was plenty of it. Only thing, I found the filling needed a tad more basic salt+pepper seasoning, which I added myself before diggin in each time. Other than that, I'll tell you, for $8.99, it was for sure something I'd get again.

            Now, I gotta see about these Summerhill market pies....

            (fyi, best chicken pot pie I've had so far is at the Mill Cafe in Thornbury...)

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              I like the chicken pie from Loblaws as well....get mine from the Leaside store. I keep quartered slices in the freezer during the winter months for quick tasty meals. Don't know why they're not made at all Loblaws.

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                Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to getting one again soon.

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                PIcked up a chicken pot pie from the Leaside (Redway) store on my way home last night and it's a winner. Tasty, well-seasoned (for me), plenty of sauce, lots of identifiable still-slightly-crunchy veggies, and with the kind of regular crust I prefer (rather than Summerhill's puff pastry). And at $9, it's huge! What a deal.

                I often go to that Loblaws and didn't even realize they made these pies. It was nice to have on such a nippy damp night. Thanks for posting.

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                  Nice. My pleasure. I know, it was a good find. Especially for the price, right. I'll try to get to the Leaside location to test it out. Probably the same as St. Clair's I'm guessing. Glad you enjoyed!

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                    So where does one find these pies - they're not frozen are they?

                    1. re: millygirl

                      Nope, they’re not frozen. At St. Clair you find them near the Marche counter. They are located near the Marche’s refrigerated pizzas and quiches. Not sure where to find them at the Leaside location…

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                        Not frozen. At the Leaside/Redway store, turn immediately to your right as soon as you walk through the entrance to the actual store (after the lobby). They're right there.

            2. The Tara Inn in Scarborough has surprisingly good pies for it being a bar setting. Also if you ever get out to Hamilton, QT Pies has then for take-home. QT Pies has small and large pies, a small is fine for me--- and some of the combos seem weird but everyone have tried is good.

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                If you mean the steak and kidney pie served at the Tara Inn on Eglinton about a block east of Midland I will big time 2nd that. I travel cross-town for it since steak & kidney can't be found downtown and hubby objects to the aroma of baking it at home. Must get a little Irish into the man.

              2. I am not a pot pie expert but Pusateri's makes a mean pot pie. Make sure to get them fresh! Excellent pastry crust.

                1. I haven't been as yet, but posters rave about the meat pies at High Street Fish and Chips, on Underhill (Lawrence and DVP).

                  Has anyone tried the chicken pies at the Healthy Butcher? Their prepared food is great, but so expensive, and I don't want to try the pie unless it's really worth it.

                  On a final note, in relation to JamieK's posting, I note that the Rose and Crown has closed...