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Oct 7, 2007 06:48 PM

New England trip look for cool places to eat

Coming to New England the week of Oct13-20, I already posted on the Boston board but we will be driving and also going to Cape Cod for a few days, (appears we will now be staying in Hyannis) and going to Vermont via New Hampshire so looking for some places to stop. Looking for cool places with character and good food. Nothing expensive. We are big fans of the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives show so thats our speed. Local landmarks, etc. (also plan to hit Salem on the trip)

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  1. Major icon in Manchester, NH is Red Arrow Diner on Lowell St (just off Elm st.) - almost any meal (breakfast, lunch or diner) you'll be happy. Love their sweet potatoe chips, salmon pie, homemade pies and an awesome sandwiches (rueben and montie christo specifically)

    My favorite all time breakfast place is The Owl Diner in Lowell, Ma. (just off Rt. 495) - ham is phenominal making eggs bennie to die for.

    Don't miss the Oyster Festival in Wellfleet, Ma. - great food at great prices, good music too.

    1. I assume you mean Salem MA. We went to a local place in the middle of the downtown area that had an extensive menu at reasonable prices. Not a diner, but definitely local and the place was packed. Of course, I can't remember the name ... but I found the recommendation on Chowhound for our trip in 2006.
      Going to VT via NH must mean you are coming up Rt 93 and then taking Rt 89. The scenery between Concord and exit 6 is pretty nice even on the interstate. But downtown Concord has some places I really like. If you need pastry, Bread and Chocolate on South Main St (next to Gibson's bookstore/on your right heading north on Main St) has European style breads and wonderful bars etc. I usually pick up a pre-made sandwich which is always yummy. Great meat etc on their own bread. Not sure if they will make sandwiches to order. But for great soups and sandwiches, you can also go to In A Pinch Cafe. They have two locations now (see their website for daily specials). Their original location is up near the high school but their new location might be easier to find. Stay on Rt 93, take exit 12N which puts you on South Main Street in Concord. In A Pinch is in a big office building on your left. Take the side street to park in back. The cafe is right on the first floor next to the entrance. To return to Rt 89, go back the way you came but drive past the entrance ramp to Rt 93. Rt 89 ends on South Main St/Rt 3A just about 1/2 mile further.
      Our local place for good rare roast beef sandwiches with barbecue sauce or fried clams/scallops is Beefside in Concord NH. It's on Manchester St - take exit 13 and go right. The local favorite for spaghetti is Veano's - take exit 14 and turn right. It's in the middle of Concord busy Loudon Rd/all the chains. It's run by Greeks like a lot of Concord restaurants but won't be there too much longer since they've sold the property to Rite Aid. They also make subs, fried clam dinners, etc. We don't usually get pizza but Vinnie's on South Main St is the local pizza place that's been there forever.
      Also, from Rt 293 just after you go thru Manchester take the exit for Rt 3A. You'll be getting off before the Hooksett toll booth. 3A goes along the river. Keep watch for Merrivale Ice Cream on your left. It's after you go past the Staples/Kohls/strip mall. They make their own ice cream. For a local treat, try Indian Pudding ice cream! After your ice cream treat you can keep driving north on Rt 3A and you'll come to Rt 89.
      Once you get past Concord there's not a lot of choices near the highway until you get to the Lebanon area.
      There's some nice apple orchards in the Concord area. Paid an outrageous amount for Honeycrisp apples last week but my husband said they were worth it. Gould Hill orchard in Hopkinton (exit off Rt 89) has a lot of old varieties and a real nice view of the mountains.

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        I can't believe that Beefside is still there, I used to live and work in Concord - loved Beefside. It's kind of a hole in the wall but awesome sandwiches. funny.

        I just discovered Arnie's in Concord on Loudon Rd (do they stay open once our weather turns)? I loved it - awesome ice cream adn I had a fabulous pulled pork bbQ sandwich.

        1. re: lexpatti

          I live and work in Concord, and am a little embarrassed to say that I've only ever been to Arnie's for ice cream. How's their BBQ? I'm a bit of a BBQ snob, though I love Premier Pallette. Will I be dissapointed by Anrie's?

          By the way- they do close for the winter, not sure when (end of Oct?).

          1. re: happybellynh

            I love Premier Pallette so we might be on the same page. I loved their pulled pork sandwich and another customer had ordered the ribs and looked fabulous so I am anxious to go back. Their burgers look great too. I did a recent review on CH. I would really like to try their menu several times, I was that impressed with the bbq sandwich. I miss Concord, nice place to live.

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              Arnie's has closed for the season. Not sure when they did. I'm not sure why I haven't gotten excited about their bbq. The pulled pork has been okay. Saturday night we got take out from the new place, the Smoke Shack, in Boscawen (exit 17). I thought my beef brisket was great. Got cole slaw as one of the sides. I'm fussy and their's is very good. They said they make their own. I was in need of comfort food so my second side was mac and cheese. Very good, not very cheesey but tasty. My husband got their BBQ sundae which is pulled pork, baked beans, and a couple of ribs on top. Their winter hours are Wed-Sun and they have indoor seating now. Nothing fancy. They have a small selection of Jordan's ice cream. I think this place is going to get a lot more popular even though the location is a bit out of the way. I did not care for the drive-in restaurant that was there previously.
              I've only been to Premier Pallette once and thought it was more authentic with choices like collard greens. The Smoke Shake place serves good grub.

              1. re: dfrostnh

                Have to try it. I do love Jordan's Ice Cream and they are way too out of the way in Belmont. I love Premier too. Thanks for the bbq tip.

                1. re: dfrostnh

                  Went to Smoke Shack for first time on Nov. 17th based on your review. It has an authentic barbeque feel in the dining area, really comfy feel, and service was attentive. Food was very tasty. Good grub is right. Had butternut squash with the beef brisket. Yummy. Had to share a dish of Jordan's ice cream, cause all the servings are generous. Whole experience well worth the 45 min drive.

            2. re: dfrostnh

              As an aside, I'm wondering about these outrageously priced much exactly? I've been paying about $15 for a half-peck bag at most orchards in out to about $1-$1.50 per pound...a steal IMHO. Is the Concord, NH area really that much more than MA???

              1. re: Science Chick

                I just paid $17 for half a bushel, so less than $1 per pound (just outside of Concord, NH). Definitely a steal- esp. if you add in the cost of a lovely afternoon outside with the family.

                It was enough to make 1 pie, 7 jars of applesauce, and 12 small jars of applebutter, which I've been eating all week on my toast.

                1. re: happybellynh

                  Can I get a good apple butter recipe?? I crave it all year and have always depended on the generosity of friends for it...thanks...

                  1. re: jspear

                    Jspear, I just posted my apple-butter recipe on a thread about the same on the homecooking board. You can find it here:

            3. You might consider Widow Fletcher's Tavern on Route 1 in the center of Hampton, New Hampshire ( Great tavern atmosphere with classic Pub Fare - Shepherd's Pie, Bangers & Mashed, etc; and a Chicken Pot Pie that has been featured on one of the national cable TV shows. We have never been disappointed. The booth seats overlooking the sidewalk add to the pub atmosphere.

              Heading North on the Interstate, take the first exit in New Hampshire, go right to the intersection of Rte 1, go left and just follow it north for a few of miles. Widow Fletcher's will be on your right, in the center of town.

              Jerry Saywell

              1. Great diner at the base of Hog Back Mountain in Vermont, Royal Diner. On the cape, go into p-town and eat at the Mews or Fanicci's (sp?) by the sea. Ask for the cafe at the Mews and ocean view at Fanicci's. Avoid Ross' grille.