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Oct 7, 2007 06:44 PM

Atlanta-Greenville SC recs, please

Driving from Atlanta (yes! the airport!) to Greenville later this month...what's not to miss en route and what's not to miss in Greenville? Will be delighted to make some detours for phenomenal food (esp. barbecue, which is IMPOSS in the SW region!) and you-won't-believe-this-town sights along the way. Muchas gracias.

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  1. If you're willing to go 20 minutes out of your way off I-85, take the Hwy 211/Chateau Elan exit, about halfway b/w the airport and Greenville. Turn right and take it about 15 miles into Winder. On the left across from the courthouse in downtown is Smokin' Po Boys BBQ. I recommend the pulled pork, bbq beans and stew. (I've had great ribs there before but they are hit-or-miss depending on time of day so I'd stick w/the pulled.) They also sometimes have fried pies at the register which are really good.

    Also on the same exit is the Braselton Mayfield Dairy so on your way back to the interstate you can stop for a tour and some samples. :)

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      BBQ!!!! Hooray! And only 20 minutes! Thank you!

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        As a follow-up...I traveled it yesterday and it's actually only 9.5 miles from the interstate. Might take you 15 minutes depending on whether the 4 lights you go through will be green or red. Oh, and Po Boy's is closed on Sundays.

        And if Mayfield Dairy isn't your thing, you can come into Winder via hwy 211 but exit via hwy 53 which will take you through Hoschton and Braselton and even spit you out further along I-85 North to your destination. Quaint little towns with a bunch of antique stores. Braselton is the town Kim Basinger grew up in and then later bought.