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Oct 7, 2007 06:17 PM

Thai Restaurants in Burlington


I am looking for good Thai restaurants in the Burlington area.

I have heard good reviews about Siam Dish and Bahn Thai. I have also passed by a restaurant called Thai City on Fairview Street, and have thought about going in but wanted to check its reviews and the reactions of other customers that have visited this establishment first. From the outside it looks fairly small, and perhaps it's not well-known (it is inside a plaza).

Has anyone been there, and, if so, what can you say about the quality of the food, atmosphere, service, etc?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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  1. I really didn't enjoy Thai City..the pad thai was like soggy noodles covered in ketchup.
    I keep meaning to try Siam Dish, but Bahn Thai is always delicious! Try there first!

    1. SIAM DISH (Lakeshore near Brant) for sure!!!
      Authentic Thai, even the furniture in the restaurant was brought over from Thailand
      AND since the weather is fabulous, you can also eat on their patio and people watch!
      PS ...again authentic Thai food, so if you are used to Chicken w/ Coconut Green Curry, I would get it much milder...they make is HOT!!!!!!!

      BURLGIRL: where is BAHN THAI?

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        Bahn Thai is at 4490 Fairview St - the south-west corner of Fairview & Appleby Line. Google Map -

        It's in a plaza with a McDonald's and CIBC.

      2. If you want to venture a little further east (in Mississauga), there is a restaurant called the Big Bowl, on Dundas east of Winston Churchill. It is fantastic, great prices for good food. The place is always packed, for lunch and/or dinner.

        1. My wife and I have tried them all and been bitterly disappointed. We find them to be glorified chinese food with small portions and big prices. The only passable restaurant was My Thai when it was still on Pearl Street. Their new location on Lakeshore is horrible - a cavernous space lacking ambience and atmosphere. The food also has gone way downhill. For Thai - Toronto is a much better bet.

          1. Not a great quality selection in Burlington; Siam Dish may have imported furniture and Thai dancers but the food isn't up to much, but better than My Thai. Bahn Thai is ok, and I've heard good things about dining in at Thai City, but their take out was poor. Much better quality at comparable prices in Toronto. One review has mentioned Big Bowl in Mississauga, which serves gigantic portions of Thai and Vietnamese food in a lively atmosphere at rock bottom prices; try their pho(soups) - no imported furniture though!