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Oct 7, 2007 05:57 PM

Bukhara or Peshawari [Moved from International board]

I ill betaking lots of people to India during the winter holidays ad we are looking to have a great dinner. I have wonderful things about Bukhara, but I heard it is a slight notch above the Peshawari chain (sister restauarants). Is buhara more expenisve? If so, is it worth the extra $$. I dont want the group to hit the same type of meals over again. Please help!

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  1. I went to Bukhara in 2001, and I was not impressed with the quality of the food relative to the expense. There was a special "Clinton" menu based on the dishes our esteemed ex-Prez had on his trip, and watching the chefs flip Roomali Roties and skewer Seekh Kebabs was entertaining, but overall, the food wasn't appreciably better or more refined than what you would get at Karim's, in Old Delhi, for a fraction of the price. If you want a fine dining experience in Delhi (mostly available at 5 star hotels), I would check out the offerings at the Imperial Hotel, which has tons of colonial-style charm, in addition to some pretty decent restaurants.

    1. I tried the Bukhara outlet at the Sheraton Maratha in Mumbai and really enjoyed the delicious, buttery tadka dhal which they said was boiled for 18 hours(?!). I heard its sister Bukhara outlet at the Sheraton Maurya in New Delhi is just as good, if not better. Their kakori kebabs were absolutely divine! Sorry, but I hadn't tried the Peshawari restaurants before.

      1. Agree with the poster recommending Karim's in Old Delhi. Bukhara is mostly the expense-account crowd. The food is good, and the ambiance too, but if not on the aforementioned expense account, I'd go to Karim's.

        The Imperial is the best hotel in Delhi for my money, and where we've gone for Xmas dinner the past three years. Great Indian, pan-asian, and one of the top Italian places in Delhi (after Diva, a stand-alone place in GK II).

        1. hi,

          this might be a little late but ill do it anyway. Bukhara is really no different from Peshawari. The Peshwari chain looks the same and even has the same menu, ambiance, environment and pricing.

          I think its just done to make it easier for the ITC to ensure the Bukhara brand does not get diluted (you cant have a place listed as one of the worlds best restaurants replicated across their chain)

          my meal at Peshawari is here

          i think Dum Pukth is a much better restaurant when compared (read but no cheaper.

          If you want standard Indian fare you could also try Punjabi By Nature in Delhi, i had dinner there once and i found it to be pretty good. Would also be half the cost of Bukhara or Peshawari.