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Oct 7, 2007 05:43 PM

South Indian Dosa's in San Fernando Valley

Thought I'd repost this for anyone looking for South Indian recommendations in the San Fernando Valley. Some of my co-workers are from India and all they seem to find is typical chicken tandoori, naan, etc. Great, but what if you want the flavor of different indian spices? What if you want pure vegetarian with the option of no-dairy?

Here's my personal recommendation for both North Indian and South Indian cuisine. The buffet selection and affordability is great for large groups.
I love cooking indian food at home, so I don't believe in expensive Indian cuisine, but I do believe in taste, authenticity, and variety. So I'm a big fan of great tasting, fresh, flavorful Indian buffets. In the San Fernando Valley there are 2 awesome Indian restaurants. For South Indian vegetarian cuisine, take a stop by Woodlands Valley Restaurant off Topanga Canyon Blvd/Lassen in Chatsworth. They have lunch buffets around $9, but the best is DOSA NIGHT every Wednesday and Friday starting at 6:30pm. You can have over 12 different kinds of dosa along with the vegetarian buffet. Everyone eating there the other night was of Indian decent-mark of an authentic restaurant ! The decor was open, clean and inviting, and the owner himself manages the staff and details. By 7: 30 the place was packed.

For North Indian cuisine like tandoori chicken, chicken masala, naan, etc go to Village Tandoor restaurant at Reseda/Devonshire in Northridge. They have a great lunch buffet around $9. The decor is open, light-filled, comforting. Great service and 2 flat plasma tvs showing indian music videos. Dinner and a show !

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  1. If you don't give a damn about atmosphere, it's hard to go wrong with India Sweets & Spices on Topanga Canyon Blvd. and Sherman Way in Canoga Park. $4.25 gets you a plate with two vegetables, rice, raita, pickle, samosa, pakora and chapati -- a mix of northern and southern. They have quite good dosas, and I am in love with their dahi puri. It's in the back of the grocery store, the lines can be long but they move relatively quickly, and I once fed twenty people to satiety for under $50.

    1. Woodlands is well known and well loved here! I myslef am a fan of the Friday Night Dosa Madness and Buffett. All the dosa you can handle, and a buffet. Good lord, it's amazing!

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        I agree! Dosa Night is on Wednesdays as well as Fridays and not only is it All You Can Eat Dosas AND Buffet; the food is excellent!!! And for the ChiliHeads out there, ask the manager (former chef from the Artesia location) for some 'Curd Chilis' which I tried for the first time several weeks ago. Hot and salty and so good!