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Oct 7, 2007 05:09 PM

has anyone seen arkansas black apples at the farmer's market yet? i'll go anywhere

to get these babies, even drive to an orchard.

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  1. Well, you did say anywhere...Oak Glen is about an hour and a half (90 miles) from LA
    according to the article, though, looks like they won't be ready until Halloween...

    1. At the santa monica market, I was told we're at least a couple weeks away for the arkansas black apples.

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      1. re: glutton

        Cirone Farms will carry them when they are ready.

      2. I saw a few of these at the Hollywood farmers' market last weekend.

        1. How do they taste on the Granny Smith - Red Delicious spectrum? And why is this reminding me of the Seinfeld Mackinaw peach episode?

          1. Laguna Beach RM Sat. AM had them. As to the taste ?, these are simply the apples with the most CRUNCH period. Not quite as tart as a Granny Smith.