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Oct 7, 2007 04:00 PM


The wife has a real hankering for some good old fashioned lasagna. Anyone know a good destination in Queens or Brooklyn?

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  1. I had a good old-fashioned lasagna at Manducatis in LIC a few weeks back. Worth a shot.

    1. Lasagna is like Pizza... Very subjective. One CH's delight is another's dismay.
      Lasagna seems to be one of those consistancy issue dishes. Sometimes, it can be delicious and sometimes, at the very same location, on another visit, it can be overcooked, too salty, too dry, too bland, etc, I tend to think that often comes from preparation from different chefs within the same kitchen. You guys should check out your local places. Often your local Pizza joint will have a decent version and at a very modest price. I don't know enough about Queens demographics to be of any assistance, but some of the old time Italian restaurants in Bensonhurst/Bath Beach, Brooklyn might have what you want.. Try Villa Ruggiero on 86th St and 23 rd Ave, or Villa Paradiso on Bath Ave and about 20th Ave.
      I've had the lasagan at Casa Bella on Cropsey Ave and about 26th Ave. It was ok, but certainly not worth a trip to Brooklyn if you live in Queens!
      New Corner Restaurant has very good, old style Grandma Style pasta dishes and eating there is like stepping back in time. They have an extensive menu including some very nice blackboard specials. ANd you can actually find parking most of the time. A real added bonus. The experience is well worth a trip from Queens. Here's the site. I hope you find what you're craving. :-}

      1. I had some good lasagna at Tonio's on 7th Ave. in Park Slope recently. Good, old-school red sauce joint that actually has very good red sauce. As an added bonus, their Caesar salad is one of the best I've had, with actual house-made Caesar dressing. Very reasonable prices as well.

        1. Lasagna is never good in a restaurant - it should come from the oven in somebody's house. It's the opposite of pizza.

          1. Savoia on Smith Street has very good lasagna.

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              I LOVE the Savoia meat lasagna...not so crazy about their vegetarian one though. Their foccacia used to be fantastic also, though the guy that made it left to open his own place in Bay Ridge, I heard.