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Oct 7, 2007 03:21 PM

Can anyone recommend great trattorias in the Spoleto area

My wife and I will be in the Spoleto are area late october and are looking for the truly great not-too-expensive low key places. Not into big fancy places. Maybe a small family run trattoria. We absolutely love Umbrian food, but will try any regional style (if such a thing presents itself).

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  1. Spoleto is such a tiny town...just wander around. Or check Fred Plotkin's book.
    Have a nice time there. You'll be very near the town of Narni.

    1. Try to find a bookshop (either in the US or in Italy) that has a copy of the Slow Food "Guide to the Osterias of Italy" in stock. Check out the listings for Spoleto!

      1. FWIW: Although its maybe 45 minutes up the road toward Perugia, Il Becco Felice in Foligno was featured in Food and Wine mag a couple of months ago. Salvatore is an event in himself and serves good, local Umbrian food, and wine in his grafitti covered tratoria. Worth the trip.

        1. Osteria del Matto in Piazza del Mercato. They have a lovely fixed lunch menu, very inexpensive and fun place.

          Tempio del gusto in Via arco di druso. It's a little more formal place but the quality/price ratio is pretty good and the service is very pleasant.