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Oct 7, 2007 02:55 PM

Favorite Brunch spot in Manhattan?

Looking to check out some not-so-obvious brunch spots. Ideas?

(Note, avoid the brunch at Fig & Olive in the meatpacking district at all costs --I just had a god-awful brunch there...and it does not take much to please a hung-over, semi-inebriated gent with a ravenous appetite. Feel free to peruse my blog for details).

I like to eats.

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  1. Are you looking for places that focus on traditional brunch, i.e., eggs, French toast, etc.? Or do you prefer lots of lunch style dishes as I do? Or would you like something more unusual? Any particular neighborhood? Any budgetary restrictions?

    1. Tell me what you think is an "obvious" spot!

      Here are my favorites:

      Below the radar (slightly) spots: Morandi, Little Owl, Provence, Tasting Room, Devin Tavern, Caffe Emilia.

      1. The multi-course brunch at Ouest has been a longtime favorite. Great coffee, well-composed salads, mini muffins stuffed will molten bananas, this crazy souffle roulade filled with spinach and gruyere--it is my special-occasion brunch place.