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Oct 7, 2007 02:54 PM

Restaurant portion sizes ... and what to do about server's snide remark?

Having dinner with a friend.

Friend orders 2 entrees.

Waiter, with requisite smirk and sarcasm, says, "Good thing we aren't an all-you-can-eat place. That's a hearty appetite you got!"

Uh, huh.

Ok, whatever.

We ignore the comment, but the rest of the meal was (how do you say?) a bit uncomfortable.

So my question is, who decides that a restaurant's portion size is the "correct" amount of food for all people?

(As an aside, friend is training for a triathlon and "needs" the extra calories, but that's an entirely different thread ... on a different board.)

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  1. Who decides? The market I'd guess. The same forces that "decide" the prices.

    Any server who remarks on how much/little/fast/slowly I am eating (unless it is out of a sincere concern that perhaps I didn't like something) gets 5% tip. That's beyond intrusive.

    One time when I was hungry and ate pretty fast the waitress bellowed "Ya sher snarfed that down fast!" How did I respond? Stone silence, turned head to look out the window.

    Another related peeve: when server comments on my order "That's a popular item...that's my personal favorite...excellent choice." These come across as either condescending or I simply couldn't care less. Either way, server has nothing to gain by this useless chatter.

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      1. re: Leonardo

        Wow. Some tough customers here! I've never been put off by a server saying "excellent choice" or some such. Usually I take it as friendly chatter. Useless, maybe, but friendly. Nothing to get peeved about.

        Of course, judgmental remarks about what/how/how much you eat are out of line.

        1. re: Leonardo

          I don't mind the comment "excellent choice" but I really hate the "Wow! You must be hungry!" or "whoa! Slow down!" I just stare at them

        2. It's out of the ordinary for somebody to order two entrees. So it doesn't seem crazy or rude for him to have made mention/ made a joke of it.

          On the other hand I think most restaurant portions are way too big. I usually only eat half. I guess I would be irritated if the waitress asked "what are you on a diet?"

          1. The server was utterly rude. Yes, it's unusual to order two entrees. The server's job is to BRING the two entrees, period. He'd be lucky to get ANY tip.

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            1. re: sophie fox

              Totally agree with this. Server has no business commenting on the customer's order, except to advise the dish is no longer available that evening. What cheek!

            2. I hoped you only tipped on what the waiter considered to be more typical, that is, one entree. And I hope you tipped appropriate to the rudeness of the waiter and his nosy comments. My max tip would have been 5% on your one entree and one of his. Rude, rude, rude.

              1. I would love it if i was a waiter and everyone ordered 2-3 entrees, boosting my tips.