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Oct 7, 2007 02:29 PM

ABQ Route 66 Malt Shop--Root Beer?


The LA NPR station, KCRW, did a spot on the Root Beer at the Route 66 Malt shop, claiming it was extraordinarily good.

What has been your experience there and what else on the menu should we look at?

Eagerly awaiting...


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  1. We had a blue cheese green chile cheeseburge and a root beer there. Both were very tasty. The root beer is not overly sweet like the one Oprah mentioned in Kingman. Yuk.

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    1. re: Doug in Mesa

      Blue Cheese, Green Chile! Sounds great!

      1. re: SecretAsianMan

        For the best root beer in ABQ go to IL Vicino on Central in Nob Hill. It is a microbrewery and they make their own rootbeer. It is the best I have ever had - not too sweet with a great taste. They have great food too, including wood burning ovens that they make great pizzas in!

        Truthfully, I don't care for Rt 66 Diner. Food is nothing special. Much better to be had elsewhere in town.

        1. re: DebitNM

          Agreed about Rt 66 Diner... it's kinda pricy too. I think he is referring to the malt shop though, the little joint farther west down Central. I'll be in ABQ next month and will go to Il Vincino for sure.

          1. re: Doug in Mesa

            Yes, Malt Shop, not diner. However, I'll check out IL Vicino for sure!

    2. Their root beer is the best in Burque. Check out my review of the place, that I wrote for the Weekly Alibi @