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Oct 7, 2007 02:18 PM

freezing pulled pork?

i made way more pulled pork the other nite than my dh & i will be able to comfortably eat in a week. can i freeze it?


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  1. I did it for years. I'd make it up in the slow cooker, pull it and make sure it had enough sauce, and freeze it in serving size "patties", on a lined tray. I'd get some soft kaisers, put a serving size in each and freeze it that way, in something microwaveable, usually waxed paper. Then the kids (teens) could just reach in and grab one whenever they wanted one, toss it in the m/w, and voila, in a few minutes, a hot pulled pork sandwich.
    We can get pulled pork here in vacuum sealed packages, that freeze well.


    1. We freeze it all the time - DH does about 15 lbs on the smoker at a time. I freeze it in quart size chinese food containers, and use it for sandwiches, nachos (try it-it's really good) and Brunswick stew...

      1. Agreed. We usually smoke 4 butts at a time, pull and put in small Foodsaver bags for the freezer. Theoretically, they'll be good for a year or more. No matter how much we make, however, it doesn't last that long in our freezer.

        1. When you smoke a whole shoulder for both you and your wife, you have no choice but to freeze it.
          Does fine. If you find it's a bit dry, add some water or juice or beer to whatever you microwave it in. It'll be just fine.


          1. thanks! i was hoping it would work. we have a new baby so itis good to know i'll have a tasty meal in reserve!